Technical Services

Expert Technical Services to Support Your Fuel Distribution and Storage Operations

Adler & Allan and E&S Environmental, part of the Adler & Allan Group, have many years’ experience in oil and environmental services and supply a complete range of environmental plant maintenance services. Our technical services and products include road tanker inspection and testing, and remote fuel monitoring.

E&S Environmental provides an independent road tanker inspection, testing and certification service, with a team of highly trained and experienced inspectors covering the whole of the UK. Inspection and testing is conveniently carried out at client’s premises. We offer a full fleet management service for any size of operator, ensuring that all tests are carried out on schedule.

Adler & Allan’s telemetry-based remote fuel monitoring system allows suppliers and users of gas oil, diesel, heating oils and lubricants to check and reconcile multiple fuel stocks. Economical to install and maintain, and simple to programme, our remote fuel monitoring system is a valuable tool for more efficient organisation of your wetstock operations.

For more information call 0800 592 827 or complete this Adler and Allan Technical Services Online Enquiry Form.

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