Gauge, Alarm and Pump Services

Risk Reduction Through Expert Tank Gauge, Alarm and Pump Servicing

Modern pollution prevention measures such as oil tank gauges and tank alarms have effectively reduced the risks to the environment of accidental over-fills or spills. But it is essential to have this equipment regularly inspected and serviced by qualified engineers.

Adler & Allan technicians will service your tank gauges, alarms and pumps, and will test them using the most advanced technology available.

This service can be provided on a flexible one-off basis or, for optimum peace of mind, through a maintenance contract.

We service the following Controls:

  • KDG
  • Landon Kingsway
  • Bayham
  • Eurogauge
  • Normond
  • Lag 14

For more information call 0800 592 827 or complete this Adler and Allan Gauge, Alarm and Pump Services Online Enquiry Form.

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We are very grateful to all those who assisted with the water ingress, starting from the initial call out response, co-ordinating and deploying the team to site with all the necessary equipment to help manage the large volume of water that was entering the building and the continued support until resolution of the external leak and the assistance with the cleaning up process.
Bank of America Merrill Lynch