Aviva Specialist Partner



Adler and Allan is proud to be a Specialist Partner to Aviva for flood and environmental services. 

With nationwide coverage, class-leading capabilities and a range of patented innovations, Adler and Allan is the UK's leading supplier of environmental, technical and flood services.

We are the only UK organisation to offer a completely joined up approach to flood resilience, helping business to prepare, protect, respond and recover from flood events. We are an industry expert in the areas of flood risk management consultancy, 24/7 emergency flood response, flood mitigation solutions, and post incident remediation services.

If you're an existing Aviva customer, you may be able to receive preferential rates on all our flood and environmental risk management services.

Why do I need flood services?

  • We have considerable expertise in emergency flood deployment and post incident remediation
  • The Committee on Climate Change sees flooding as the UK’s biggest threat over the next five years

  • In 2017, a WWF report warned of a significant increase in the numbers of critical assets from roads to hospitals and even mobile phone masts at high risk of flooding

  • The Government estimates that 530 critical infrastructure sites across England – including water supplies, telecommunications and health systems and electricity networks – are also vulnerable

  • We estimate some 70% of organisations do not know their flood risk or have an effective flood plan in place

  • Preferential rates available for Aviva customers


Why do I need environmental risk reduction services?

  • It can help minimise your sites environmental risks
  • The law requires anyone who owns or operates on land to understand and act upon the environmental risks associated with it
  • All operators of sites used to store bulk hazardous materials have to use best available techniques to prevent or minimise the impact of pollution
  • Preferential rates available for Aviva customers

Why Adler and Allan?

  • 500+ dedicated professionals
  • Over 5,000 qualifications throughout the group
  • UK-wide network of trained personnel and fit-for-purpose assets
  • Available 24/7 356
  • We have the expertise to keep you and your operation safe and compliant
  • Attended over 10,000 emergency pollution callouts each year for the last five years
  • 250+ UK organisations have emergency response contracts with Adler and Allan