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Environmental incident planning and training

Emergency incident planning, training, and equipment.

We help public and private sector organisations prepare for and respond to emergencies ranging from chemical spills to natural disasters, no matter where they occur.

We identify and assess potential risks and develop a tailored emergency action plan, so you can be confident you’re complying with relevant COMAH regulations and have measures in place to minimise pollution and business downtime in the event of an incident.

Our dedicated experts are committed to providing practical training and the best spill equipment, so you can ensure your team is always prepared.

Our experience delivering emergency plans and training spans 90 years, meaning we have the widest, longest experience of environmental risk reduction and safeguards in the UK.

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Preventing spills is better than remediating them. Spills will only pose a risk to people and the environment if there is a source, pathway, and receptor present.

According to the Guidance for Pollution Prevention (GPP): “You should put in place measures to prevent, minimise, or mitigate the effects of any risks and thereby break the pollutant linkages between these three. By doing this, you can identify how to prevent or reduce the likelihood of pollution and reduce the impact of any risks that may occur.”

Features and outputs

  • Comprehensive assessments and emergency plans ensuring your team is trained to execute them.
  • Response Preparedness Audit to identify risks and suggest preventative measures.
  • Spill response training to ensure your team can respond confidently and competently to an environmental incident.
  • We provide spill kits to respond to any spill of hazardous substances.

Added value


Fully accredited member of the UK and Ireland Spill Association.


Approved contractor to the Environment Agency and Maritime and Coastguard Agency.


Accredited by the International Spill Accreditation Scheme as a third-party Tier 2 Oil Spill Response Organisation (OSRO) for sheltered/enclosed waters, coastal & large estuary and shoreline clean-up.

Wider capability

Support from 24/7 emergency response team.

Market leading

The UK’s leading environmental spill responder for chemical and oil pollution.

Industrial or natural disasters have the potential to disrupt business operations, threaten energy and other supplies, cause environmental pollution, and put the safety of you and your team at risk.

Therefore, emergency planning is an essential risk management tool as well as a requirement under maritime legislation.

We can help put the following comprehensive assessments and emergency plans in place and ensure your team is trained to execute them.

  • Environmental risk assessment and site-specific audit
  • Secondary and tertiary containment planning
  • Coastal protection planning
  • OSCP (Oil Spill Contingency Plan)
  • LOPEP (Lightering Oil Pollution Emergency Plan)
  • OPEP (Oil Pollution Emergency Plan)

Emergency planning

As well as preparing an incident response plan, our specialists will conduct a full Response Preparedness Audit to identify risks and suggest preventative measures. A thorough audit will identify hazardous substances on your site, assess storage facilities, highlight areas of non-compliance, and recommend necessary improvements.

The resultant emergency plan looks at the worst-case scenario and details every immediate practical step to be taken in the event of an incident. It considers a wide range of factors including emergency access to the site, local ecology, and key receptors.

All our emergency response plans adhere to Environment Agency and Maritime and Coastguard agency guidelines.

Spill response training

We can provide incident management and other specialist training, on your site, to ensure your team can respond confidently and competently to an environmental incident. From desktop demonstrations to full-scale, live controlled simulations and bespoke exercises, our training covers:

  • The consequences of pollution
  • Legislation and penalties
  • The Environment Agency
  • Preparing and dealing with a spill
  • Health and safety
  • Duty of care
  • Personal safety / PPE
  • Spill exercise and use of products

Spill equipment

Having an emergency spill kit on hand can help reduce the impact from a leak or spill until your contracted provider can attend to provide full containment and clean-up.

We provide spill kits to respond to any spill of hazardous substances, including specialised chemical spill kits, oil, milk, and foodstuffs. Our spill kits are made from absorbent materials and specifically tailored to deal with these products.

We can also provide training for you and your employees on how to use, maintain and deploy an emergency spill kit as the first responder to an incident. Knowing how best to use these can significantly reduce the impact of the spill and help stem the flow while our emergency response teams reach you.

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