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Pipeline solutions

Commissioning, decontamination, decommissioning, cleaning, and inspection of pipelines and pipework.

We provide commissioning, decontamination, cleaning, and inspection of pipeline, process pipework and pipe coil solutions.

Our turnkey services and capability provide cleaning and solutions that support customer pipeline integrity regimes.

Defects or anomalies could affect the longevity of your operation, failure of your system, or catastrophic failure leading to a spill which could pollute the environment.

We deliver pipeline solutions in the following sectors:

  • Oil and gas (onshore / offshore)
  • Petro chemical
  • Water
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Nuclear
  • Power
  • Aluminium / steel
  • Aviation
  • Food and beverage
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  • We have a combination of chemical cleaning / descaling solutions and high pressure / ultra-high-pressure capability.
  • We can guarantee that all waste generated is disposed of compliantly within our waste network.
  • Hydrotesting, pneumatic testing and all related activities
  • With strategically located depots throughout the UK, we can cost effectively provide bespoke services on an urgent or pre-planned basis.


Our experts can commission new pipework through either pressure testing (hydrotesting, pneumatic testing and all related activities), or pigging.


Pigging is a form of flow assurance where pipeline pigs are used to purge, clean, and/or inspect pipelines to keep operations running as designed.

We specialise in providing turnkey solutions for cleaning difficult and un-piggable pipelines and blocked ducts. To maximise throughput, operators normally require an internal cleaning regime of their pipework to guaranteed cleanliness.

We also provide cleaning services for the purposes of inline inspection. This requires a cleanliness that allows maximum data quality in the shortest possible time frame.

Working in conjunction with a pigging regime we can guarantee total removal of hard scales, waxes, and other deposits.

Combination pigging with chemical or high pressure and ultra-high-pressure jetting, guarantees desirable results with the minimum amount of downtime.


We provide nitrogen or compressed air solutions to displace, pack or purge pipelines to allow for cleaning, inspection or decommission.

A significant number of industrial processes require an oxygen-deficient environment to ensure the quality of their final products. Damage resulting from water vapor and oxidation is another significant challenge.

Nitrogen purging uses nitrogen gas to eliminate unwanted gasses and other impurities from a manufacturing system environment. Nitrogen is used to displace oxygen and other pro-oxidative gases from industrial processes without reacting chemically with the substrates due to its inert properties.

We have the capability to test and provide the best chemical solution for removal of many deposits or scales.

For example; Sodium Hydroxide solution can be used to break down fuel oil sludge and vegetable oils into fat and into a soap which is then pigged to clear the pipeline.

High pressure and ultra-high-pressure jetting

High pressure and ultra-high-pressure jetting is employed to remove really solidified deposits when accessible.

Inspection and fitness for service

We can provide pipeline inspection services as part of inspection regimes, specialising in un-piggable and difficult to inspect pipelines and pipework. Our inspections list anomalies and identifies where damage is. We can provide a range of techniques.

Inline inspection

Ultrasonic (UT) based inline inspection (ILI) tools are used for many types of liquid filled pipelines. This includes Ultrasonic MultiChannel ILI’s for high-speed long-length pipeline corrosion (metal loss) inspection.

UT intelligent pigs

UT intelligent pigs can be used to inspect any diameter of pipelines, with any thickness and of virtually any type of material, such as:

  • Carbon steel
  • Austenitic steel
  • High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
  • HDPE or PE Lined
  • GRE/GRP pipelines
  • Subsea or above ground
  • Bare, coated or insulated
  • Cladded or lined pipelines

Decoking / descaling and coil inspection

We can decoke or descale heater coils in a fired heater or boilers. A launcher or receiver is connected to the inlet and outlet of the coil. Flushing followed by the introduction of a foam pig will gauge the internal diameter. After determining the possible amount of deposition, specialised cleaning pigs are introduced. The diameter of the pigs are increased up to 7-10% larger than the internal diameter of the pipe and effluent return is monitored until it has reduced to an acceptable level. Inspection using a specialised inspection tool can be employed at a specific flow rate. Dewatering using compressed air of nitrogen finalises the process.

Fitness for service

We can provide fitness for service inspection in the following scenarios:

  • An asset lacks original design information, or it may have exceeded its useful life.
  • Using a decommissioned asset for a different service.
  • Assets have undergone any event that might have affected its serviceability such as temperature excursions, overloads, different feed/external environment, or a fire.
  • Inspection findings revealed a condition that may impact the future operation of the asset, such as metal loss, distortion (misalignment, out of roundness, bulges, or dents), laminations, cracking or blisters.
  • Inspection data will allow us to offer this service to customers.

Cathodic corrosion protection

Cathodic corrosion protection is designed to prevent leaks and corrosion on metallic assets, such as pipelines, that come into contact with sea, ground water and rivers which could cause contaminated fuel or pollution. We provide expertise in the application of Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP), Sacrificial Anode Systems and surge prevention.

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