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Environmental management for gas and electric providers

Maintaining ageing infrastructure, while managing your environmental risk to reduce operational downtime.

We help gas and electric providers tackle the challenges of an ageing network and evolving Net-Zero demands through expert consultancy, maintenance, and energy transformation services to keep you compliant with the right mix of innovation and infrastructure management.

Tackling key challenges in the gas and electric utilities sector

Customer interruption

Ultimately, keeping the power on in your customer’s homes is key, so downtime in your operation is simply not an option. OFGEM is always watching, and fines are handed out every time the power goes out. When you have issues such as fuel leaks or floods on your estates, you cannot afford for that to impact supply.

That’s why rigorous planned preventative maintenance schedules are so important, as well as having a robust emergency response contract.

Shifting energy landscape

The energy landscape is being transformed by technologies such as renewable generation, district heating, electric vehicles, and battery storage. Transformation is driven by a range of factors from political and regulatory, to consumer and digital technology advancement.

We recognise the pressures – and potential costs – of providing a consistent power supply in a shifting energy landscape. Our services put an expert on your side to pinpoint hazards across your estate, create tailored risk reduction strategies, and cover you in the event of an emergency.

Climate change

The increase in more frequent and more severe rainfall can have devastating effects on substations. Electricity companies need to review their assets and map these against flood risk data and develop a programme to make the most vulnerable more resilient.

The move away centralised generation towards distributed energy resources from renewables such as wind, solar PV, electric vehicles and batteries should limit the impacts of extreme weather on the power grid.

However, the bi-directional flow of power caused by renewables risks more frequent grid congestion requiring investment in new technologies and infrastructure to manage these fluctuations.

Ageing infrastructure

We know you are looking for ways to manage your ageing infrastructure compliantly, while extending the lifespan of your assets such as energy infrastructure until you transition to new technology.

As DNOs transition into Distribution System Operators (DSOs), responsible for distributing and managing energy from generation sources to consumers, they will engage in active network management using real-time data to make interventions on the network.

We help you to understand which assets could cause outages, environmental harm, and shortfalls, and report on these against the OFGEM Network Asset Risk Metric, ensuring you are aligned with RIIO-2. We know how to repair, refurbish, and maintain your current infrastructure to reduce long-term expenditure.

Net-Zero carbon

The energy market is in rapid transition, with alternative energy sources delivering new environmental risks. We help you keep pace with the demands of decarbonisation – while ensuring legacy assets remain operational, cost-effective, and compliant.

Looking forward, we help you lay the foundations for a carbon-neutral network. So, you build your business in line with changing legislation, identifying savings and sustainability opportunities as you grow.

Regulatory compliance

OFGEM’s principal objective is to protect the interests of existing and future electricity and gas consumers while RIIO is the T2 price control financial model controlling how much energy should cost the consumer and how this is regulated.

You need to be aware of your environmental responsibilities, and you must make sure that you operate in a legally compliant way. Non-compliance brings the risk of enforcement action, possible fines, and real damage to your reputation.

We make sure your assets remain compliant with all relevant industry legislation including BS EN 858-2:2003, CIRIA C736 and C753, Environmental Permitting Regulations, Guidance for Pollution Prevention and specific asset standards and guidance.

Added value

Strategic frameworks - We’re working across the UK with our Utility clients on several key strategic frameworks, so we know your infrastructure and understand your processes.

Sector knowledge - Our depth of knowledge and understanding of your sector allows us to provide innovative solutions to some of your greatest challenges such as achieving Net-Zero and reducing combined sewer overflow use.

Engineering solutions - With our patented technology we engineer unique, highly efficient, and cost-effective ways to ways to remediate your assets.

We fit around you – Providing a single point of contact and a delivery structure that is tailored to your specific needs; working closely with your team to find innovative solutions for services delivery.

Experience and equipment - Our depth of experience across multiple specialist group companies is combined with our market leading equipment to ensure you receive the best solution tailored to your requirements.

Supplier reduction - Our range of services and expertise means you are working with one contractor instead of many, reducing the need for multiple frameworks.

Related services

Environmental compliance assessment

Ensure the integrity, condition, and compliance of your industrial assets with our environmental compliance assessments. Regain custody of your sites, identify gaps in your compliance, identify future risk scenarios, and develop a strategic asset priority map, efficiently and within your clients budget.

Assets and infrastructure

Achieve and maintain environmental compliance by inspecting and maintaining your assets such as tanks, bunds, separators, drainage, and electrical, through our best-in-class environmental risk reduction services.

Land quality

We help site operators to understand, manage, and reduce their geotechnical and environmental risks in land transactions and development. By combining technical expertise and a commercially focused approach we find solutions to manage and reduce risk, so that you can achieve your business and sustainability goals.

Hazardous waste

We process hazardous bulk liquid or packaged waste compliantly by identifying, collecting, analysing in our dedicated lab, removing, treating, and disposing of it quickly and efficiently.

Emergency response

We respond quickly in the event of an environmental incident, to reduce the impact on the environment and your operations with turn-key solutions from identification to waste disposal. Our flood response limits damage and gets you operational quickly.

Energy transition

We ensure your critical infrastructure meets your sustainability and decarbonisation targets compliantly and cost effectively.

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