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Fuel infrastructure management services

Reduce risk, cost, and operational downtime with expert fuel infrastructure management.

We help organisations reduce risk, cost, and operational downtime, by designing, installing, inspecting, testing, and maintaining fuel infrastructure to ensure your operation meets current and future operational capacity and compliance requirements.

Our fuel infrastructure services guarantee fuel efficiency to keep your operations running smoothly, so you can concentrate on serving your customers.

We have always been in the fuel business from the early days when we traded in Coal and Coke. Today we design, build, maintain and refurbish fuel infrastructure for private and public sector organisations of every size and the MOD.

Whether your business is transport, utilities, food manufacture, telecoms, banking, data storage or even renewable energy, to meet ongoing legislation you are likely to need to diversify your energy infrastructure and investment.

We design and install fuel infrastructure for private and public sector organisations of every size, including facilities management companies and the MoD.

We have been working on MoD fuel infrastructure for over 20 years, servicing, maintaining and refurbishing mission critical assets, including BFIs, MTFIs, heating and generator tanks, pipelines, and other fuel infrastructure assets.

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  • Ensure operational capability 24/7-365.
  • Our specialists develop a detailed knowledge of your infrastructure.
  • Infrastructure designed and installed in a way that truly keeps your site operational through the works.
  • Design solutions to optimise existing fuel infrastructure.
  • Design inclusive of research drawings, technical specs, and access to specialists.

Added value


Many years of experience in tank service from fabrication of bespoke-build steel oil tanks and installation of oil tanks and pipework to Bulk Fuel Installations (BFI’s) and Motor Transport Fuel Installations (MTFI’s).


VAREC and NICEIC-approved and DNV and Class 7 CompEx qualified hazardous electrical engineers.


API and EEMUA 159-accredited professionals in-house.


We operate as the preferred Tier 1 supplier for MoD sites.


Our recognised experts are highly qualified in their specialist areas of design from site research to CAD, using the latest tools, technologies, and innovative solutions.


We take your operational requirements and place them at the centre of our thinking. Our designs will futureproof your fuel infrastructure assets whilst helping to improve your strategic operational capability.

The collaborative process runs from concept and consultation to mapping all structural, electrical, and monitoring elements, including integrity services and DSEAR assessments. You get clear visibility of all regulatory design aspects at every stage and a tailored programme that genuinely reduces risk and keeps your site operational throughout the build.

Our API and EEMUA 159-accredited professionals apply the highest compliance and technical specifications across the entire project lifecycle – from concept, design, and engineering to asset management, integrity services, and eventual decommissioning, even within hazardous or restricted spaces.

When you work with us you will get:

  • A collaborative process with your input at all stages.
  • Clear visibility of all compliance and regulatory design aspects.
  • A full programme management plan.
  • Full design plan, including:
    • Specification and conception design.
    • Engineering, project, and asset management as well as integrity services and DSEAR assessments.
    • Access to a highly skilled team of experts.
    • A full turnkey innovative solution that can guarantee a compliant and long-lasting operational facility.


Our turnkey fuel infrastructure installation service provides full site surveys, knowledgeable tank configuration recommendations, and proven pollution prevention measures.

We install bespoke and off-the-peg tanks, as well as all associated pumps, gauges, and alarms. Steel tanks also include enclosed bunding and above-liquid-level connections.

Our team of VAREC and NICEIC-approved and DNV and Class 7 CompEx qualified hazardous electrical engineers expertly oversee the fabrication of bespoke build steel oil tanks and pipework, as well as bulk fuel installations (BFIs) and motor transport fuel installations (MTFIs).

Fuel tank inspection

We ensure your tanks remain compliant with EEMUA 159, API 653, OFTEC and NDT Guidelines through regular storage tank inspections to minimise the risk of asset failure, leakages, content contamination, and pollution.

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We clean and purge all types of storage tanks in a variety of sectors, with underground, ground-level, or above-ground systems. We employ man-entry and non-man-entry techniques to remove and dispose of any condensation, water, or sludge in your tank in situations such as changes of stored product, grade changes, remove contamination, improve the lifespan of the asset, and prior to decommissioning.

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Fuel quality

We help organisations that store and use fuels to ensure business continuity by analysing, uplifting, transferring, and polishing fuel so that they can minimise downtime, reduce risk to the environment and ensure compliance.

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Automatic pump, gauge, valve, bulk meters, and alarms

Modern pollution prevention measures such as oil tank gauges and tank alarms have effectively reduced the risks to the environment of accidental over-fills or spills.

We provide a comprehensive range of pumps, gauges, alarms and overfill protection as part of our fuel infrastructure installation services. All our fuel pumps and management systems include dispensing flow rate, variable from 20 to 500 litres per minute, stand-alone or computer linked for single or multi-user sites, electronic or hydrostatic gauging systems and leak detection equipment.

Hazardous area electrical design

We provide expert electrical solutions in specialist commercial, explosive, and hazardous environments through routine inspections, remedial, and installation works.

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Key stats

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    12 BFI fuel pumps upgraded.
  • 0+
    Over 50 armed forces sites worldwide depend on our services.
  • 0km+
    Over 5km of new hydrants installed.
  • 0km
    10.5km of non-compliant electrical cable replaced
  • 0M
    41,000,000 litres total capacity of fuel storage tanks cleaned and inspected.

Keep your business compliant and protect the environment while reducing the risk of operational downtime

Find out how Adler and Allan reduce your risk and support you on your journey to Net-Zero through the management and maintenance of assets.

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