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Environmental specialists for water and wastewater companies

Consultative asset management, surveying, monitoring, and asset installation, maintenance, and remediation.

We work with water and wastewater companies to help them overcome some of their biggest challenges with their assets, from managing CSOs to keeping their water and sewage networks flowing.

Our full end-to-end solutions include consultative asset management, underground network surveying, sewer and wastewater network monitoring and management, drainage asset installation, maintenance, and remediation, and emergency incident response.

This turnkey approach ensures water companies can effectively manage their budget and asset cycles, while reducing risk to the environment, staying compliant, avoiding fines, operational downtime, and customer disruption, while operating at maximum efficiency and margin.

We are the market leader in asset management and maintenance because only we have a range of specialists and services in house to fully manage water and wastewater assets from end-to-end.

Tackling key challenges in the water utilities sector

Ageing infrastructure

OFWATs ambitions for AMP8 revolve around affordability issues; customer expectations on service, society, and the environment; and the requirements for climate change resilience and the drive to Net-Zero.

A better, more sustainable approach to asset maintenance and replacement will be key to overcoming the challenges that tackling climate change and population growth will put on our water and wastewater infrastructure now and in the future.

It is an industry wide issue which Sir James Bevan, former CEO of the Environment Agency, summed up in his statement: “too many parts of our sewage system are not fit for the 21st century and have not been upgraded since Victorian times.” The Environment Audit Committee puts it succinctly: “a step-change in regulatory action [and] water company investment…is urgently required.”

Achieving Net-Zero by 2030

In November 2020, water companies unveiled their ground-breaking plan to achieve Net-Zero by 2030.

Moving and treating water is an energy intensive process generating millions of tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions each year.

By achieving Net-Zero two decades ahead of the Governments 2050 target the water industry estimates it will save 10 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions.

There is no one solution to achieving Net-Zero in isolation. Instead, it will take a broad combination of approaches and collaboration between water companies, policymakers, and the supply chain.

Combined Sewer Overflows (CSOs)

With increased population, urban growth and climate change driving extreme weather events, the sewerage system is being overwhelmed.

The Storm Overflows Taskforce was created in 2020 to work on proposals to reduce the impact of sewage discharge from storm overflows. 

The Environment Act 2021 also mandated specific storm overflow reduction targets:

  • Water companies will only be permitted to discharge from a storm overflow where they can demonstrate that there is no local adverse ecological impact.
  • By 2025, water companies will have reduced overflows discharges from 2020 levels by around 25%.
  • Water companies must significantly reduce harmful pathogens from storm overflows discharging into and near designated bathing waters, by either: applying disinfection; or reducing the frequency of discharges to meet Environment Agency spill standards; and improve 75% of overflows discharging into high priority nature sites by 2035.
  • Storm overflows will not be permitted to discharge above an average of 10 rainfall events per year by 2050.
  • Water companies will be required to ensure all storm overflows have screening controls.

The Government expects water companies to ensure their infrastructure keeps pace with increasing external pressures, such as urban growth and climate change, without these pressures leading to greater numbers of discharges.

Related services

Strategic asset consultancy

Through Group company Aqua Consultants, we help customers understand and optimise their assets with strategic support around capital projects, business plans and investments through asset creation and optimisation.

Monitoring and telemetry

Through Group company Detectronic, we provide data to understand your network to respond to today’s issues such as pollution events, blockages, and overflows, and provide input into strategic asset planning.

Water quality monitoring

Through Group company OHES we provide planned and reactive water quality monitoring and environmental remediation following pollution and contamination events.

Drainage surveys and diagnostics

An OS19X-qualified team provides a comprehensive overview of your infrastructure, primary pollution sources, and emerging issues. CCTV surveys remotely diagnose existing or longer-term drainage problems, including collapsed drains, concrete or grout accumulation, cracked or displaced pipes, and root intrusion.

Planned preventive maintenance

Through Group companies Jet Aire and Oneline, we provide PPM and response services to keep water and sewage networks flowing, with asset diagnostics, and market leading technology ensuring optimum availability.

Emergency response

24/7-365 fast and effective oil and fuel spill clean-up to protect the environment and your operations. Our mechanical and chemical aeration services can replace much needed oxygen to a waterbody in the event of a pollution incident.

Energy transition

We provide a range of energy auditing, asset maintenance, decommissioning and infrastructure installation services to help you reduce your carbon usage and meet and exceed your Net-Zero targets.

Accreditations, certifications and memberships

  • Members of British Water
  • Members of The Chartered Institute of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM)
  • Members of the International Society for Trenchless Technology
  • We know that your supply chain is key to you achieving Net-Zero by 2030 so we have a range of initiatives to track, report and reduce our carbon emissions in the Group.
  • Achilles / FPAL Registered
  • ISO-14001 certified

Relevant training

  • MSCC5 CCTV Surveyor trained  
  • Water Association - High Pressure Jetting
  • Confined Space trained - Medium or High Risk
  • Rescue Team Training
  • Unit 2 and 10 Streetworks and road signs
  • Cable Avoidance Trained
  • Safe Contractor Certificate
  • No PS 4253
  • CompEx trained electricians

Key stats

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    1,000 km of drainage cleaned and maintained per year.
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    840 waste tankering jobs to date.
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    87 spill responses attended and remediated.
I am very pleased with the work that Aqua have delivered for Welsh Water which ranges from tactical to strategic asset management support. Aqua’s help with the development of our thinking for PR24 has been invaluable.

Director of Asset Planning, Dwr Cymru Welsh Water

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Mike Williamson MBE

Managing Director, Water Services

Matthew Humphreys

Sector Lead, Utilities

Chris Morgan

National Account Manager

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