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Drain cleaning and maintenance

Reactive and proactive maintenance to keep your network flowing.

We help commercial drainage infrastructure owners and domestic customers with our reactive and proactive maintenance to keep their network flowing smoothly, improve efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

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Features and outputs

  • A range of planned and reactive maintenance services from simple domestic to complex industrial.
  • All maintenance work is followed up with a further CCTV survey to prove the effectiveness of the solution.
  • Experts trained to work in confined spaces and with high-pressure water jetting.
  • Nationwide coverage.

Added value


30 years of experience in dealing with and rectifying drainage issues.


We invest in specialist equipment, built to our specific needs. Our range of jet heads is one of the largest in the industry, allowing us to clear more types of blockages than anyone else.


We help you meet your sustainability goals by reducing the number of tanker journeys and associated emissions. Our recyclers save time and reduce emissions by cleaning and reusing jetting water.

Cost savings

Investing in regular maintenance can significantly reduce the cost and frequency of callouts.


Removing silt and debris can improve performance by 40%.

We offer a range of planned and reactive maintenance services from simple domestic work like blockage clearances to complex industrial challenges such as large underground syphon and tank cleaning.

Our drain maintenance services cover all underground drainage networks, gullys, surface water drainage, Aco drains and septic tanks.

Blockage clearance

Our high-pressure water jetting equipment and specialist attachments can remove any kind of blockage from any type of pipe, including root intrusion, concrete deposits, bricks, grout, FOG, silt, chemical residues, and rust.

Section 104 cleans

We undertake thorough pre-adoption cleans of pipes and manholes to ensure they are free from snagging points prior to handover.

Drawdown services

We provide regular drawdown services for developers and housebuilders who need to remove wastewater from sites where the full drainage infrastructure is yet to be installed.

Septic tank empty

We empty septic tanks, and clear, and dispose of the foul water, ensuring compliance with regulations.

Complex tank and sewer clearing and cleaning

Complex tank clearing

Heavy silt is removed from the bottom of storage tanks to increase capacity and prevent total failure, using our specialist, custom-designed, deep suction tankers and fed into a screening machine.

Industrial tank cleaning

Industrial tank cleaning can be carried out in two ways, remote cleaning (non-entry) and confined space entry. Remote cleaning uses high-pressure water jetting, shot blasting and pumps as well as 3D Head technology and tracked robotics. If remote cleaning is not possible our confined space entry specialists will enter the tank to clean from the inside using specialist equipment.

Syphon cleaning

Routine clearance and maintenance of blockages in syphons can increase hydraulic capacity and reduce the risk of sewer collapse and environmental damage.

Take a look at this case study to find out how proactive syphon maintenance improved sewer capacity by 40%.

Tankering and waste disposal

We can remove large quantities of liquid, whether foul, surface, or effluent water, and provide ‘shot dosing’ services for HGV vehicle washes.


Jetting units

Our van jetting units all carry 300m of high-pressure hose and various jetting heads including root cutters, to remove multiple obstructions. There is also a small, lightweight camera unit on board, to assist in the detection and identification of blockages.

HGV recyclers

Our HGV recycler units can remove large volumes of silt, debris, and roots as well as clean sewers, drains and culverts ranging from 100mm upwards.  

Rather than constantly using clean water for jetting, recyclers suck the wastewater from the sewer pipe and strain the sludge, so the water can be reused in the jetting process.

Mobile screening machine

Our mobile screening machine removes water from the solid material, reducing the number of journeys required, emissions, fuel, and disposal costs.

Keep your business compliant and protect the environment while reducing the risk of operational downtime

Find out how Adler & Allan reduce your risk and support you on your journey to Net-Zero through the management and maintenance of assets.

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