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Fluid transfer equipment

Equipment and systems to ensure the accurate, safe and efficient transfer of bulk liquids and gases.

From end-to-end solutions to individual components, we specify and supply fluid transfer equipment to ensure the accurate, safe and efficient transfer of bulk liquids and gases.

Automation and control systems are key to the integration and performance of fluid transfer systems and our automation systems, PLC's and safety systems ensure optimum performance, reliability and ease of use.

Our knowledge and experience spans decades and enables us to deliver tailored solutions for any application.


  • Reduce spills and stay compliant
  • Maintain operator safety
  • Reduce losses
  • Make bulk transferring quicker and more efficient
  • High levels of accuracy

Added value


We help you analyse your requirement in light of current equipment selection.


We have decades of experience in fluid transfer.


We hold strategic distribution partnerships with some of the best equipment manufacturers in the industry so where the specification allows we can gain access to industry leading products at competitive prices.

Product selection

Our status as an independent systems integrator means we always ensure any system meets the requirements of the project, not the limitations of a specific equipment manufacturer.


Key manufacturing partners within tanker loading include: Brodie International, EMCO Wheaton, SafeRack, SPX Plenty and Viking Pump.


We supply cost-effective and durable API couplers, drybreak couplers and safety breakaway couplers to help make the bulk transfer of hazardous liquids into road tankers, rail tankers or cargo ships quicker and safer.

Loading arms

We supply top, bottom and marine loading arms and related equipment to improve safety and reduce condensate losses during the transfer of fluids or gases from storage tanks to mobile tanks, by road, rail or sea.

Loading systems

Our skid-based solutions are built to order and incorporate single or multiple loading arms and other features to improve operator safety, reduce spills and minimise losses during the transfer of liquids.

Metering systems

We design and manufacture skid-mounted fiscal metering systems suitable for a broad range of custody transfer applications. Designed to provide quality, ease of maintenance and accuracy, our solutions are scalable from a single lane fiscal metering skid to complete storage terminal management solutions.

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