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Environmental management for defence sites

Maintaining new and ageing assets compliantly, while helping you to achieve your sustainability goals.

We have been working on MoD fuel infrastructure for over 20 years, servicing, maintaining and refurbishing mission critical assets, including; BFIs, MTFIs, heating and generator tanks, pipelines and other fuel infrastructure assets using our security-cleared, ex-forces personnel to maintain your existing assets, reduce the risk of pollution, and help you prepare for a more sustainable future.

Our specialist team are vetted, and security cleared to work on most defence sites, with some ex-military, having worked within the fuel and infrastructure sector, and understand the challenge of an operational and mission critical environment. Our outcomes are focused on military needs and their mandatory requirements, and our account management structure offers consistency in operational delivery, right first-time solutions, and efficiency in process.

Tackling key challenges in the defence sector

Mission critical

We know that being mission ready with an ageing fuel infrastructure creates challenges. When you need fuel, it is mission critical and you cannot afford operational downtime. You need your fuel infrastructure to be regularly and meticulously maintained by experts who understand the importance of your critical equipment.

We have worked on all the UK RAF bases and a number of Army bases and know the condition and structure of your assets. We also understand defence specific legislation and can help you ensure your ageing fuel infrastructure and critical assets remain compliant, extending their lifecycle until they are replaced or upgraded.


You need to be aware of your environmental responsibilities, and you must make sure that you operate in a legally compliant way. Non-compliance brings the risk of enforcement action, possible fines, and real damage to your reputation.

We make sure your assets remain compliant with all relevant industry legislation including BS EN 858-2:2003, CIRIA C736 and C753, Environmental Permitting Regulations, Guidance for Pollution Prevention and specific asset standards and guidance.

Sustainability / energy transition

We can help you ensure your critical infrastructure and estates are aligned to the Defence Climate Change and Sustainability Strategy. You are transitioning all your on-site grey vehicles to electric vehicles. We can help you develop a strategy to transition your vehicles from traditional hydrocarbons, through HVO’s and synthetic fuels to electric or another alternative fuel.

Added value

Account management

One point of contact ensures consistency in operational delivery and a delivery structure that fits with your agreements.

Right first time

Our engineers understand the challenge of a mission critical environment and the need to keep operational downtime to a minimum. Our knowledge of MoD legislation ensures your assets are always compliant.


We engineer solutions to problems, ensuring we offer you innovative, cost-effective strategies that align with your budgets.

Turnkey delivery

Working with one partner across multiple services creates efficiencies in project management and consistency in documents.


Our services are delivered by in-house, security-cleared experts rather than franchised out, giving you full confidence in our expertise, service quality and pricing.


Through 20 years working on MoD sites we have gained an in-depth knowledge of defence estates across the UK and their assets. We understand the legislation inside-out, so are perfectly placed to help you accurately assess your risks.


We have Britain’s largest environmental services network with depots and hubs operating across the UK 24/7/365: the biggest geographical reach in the industry. Our specialist customer support and operations teams are poised to mobilise any activities quickly for our clients, wherever you are.


We understand that strategies change, and our agile approach allows us to pivot at a moment’s notice to ensure you remain operational and compliant.


We are the UK’s leading fuel infrastructure maintenance and emergency pollution response service (ERPS) for the UK MoD worldwide.

Related services

Fuel infrastructure

Our world-class fuel infrastructure services and innovative solutions to the Defence sector incorporate the compliance, safety, and mission critical requirements of an operational base, whilst saving on costs and with minimal to no loss of operational down time.

Environmental compliance assessment

Ensure the integrity, condition, and compliance of your assets with our environmental compliance assessments. Regain custody of your sites, identify gaps in your compliance, identify future risk scenarios, and develop a strategic asset priority map, efficiently and within your budget.

Assets and infrastructure

Achieve and maintain environmental compliance by inspecting and maintaining your assets such as tanks, bunds, separators, drainage, and electrical, through our best-in-class environmental risk reduction services.

Sustainability and Net-Zero

We help defence organisations to achieve their sustainability and ESG ambitions by assessing and improving their impact on people and planet so that they can enhance their reputation and commercial advantage in a responsible way.

Energy transition

We help the defence organisations manage their energy infrastructure through the full lifecycle to be compliant today and ready for tomorrow achieving the unique alternative energy infrastructure for your operation through design, installation, maintenance, inspection, and modification.

Incident management

We help defence organisations prepare for and respond quickly in the event of an environmental incident with 24/7-365 emergency response, preparedness planning, training, contracts, and exercises.

Guidelines, standards and good practice

  • We work to the highest compliance and safety standards including Practitioner Guidelines (PG) set by the MoD
  • All work is carried out to current MoD Publications, including but not limited to PG05/12, DMG14, PG O6/12, PG 04/12
  • We are API and EEMUA 159 accredited to work on US bases
  • Knowledge of tank regulations including API 650 and EEMUA 159, DSEAR and COMPEX qualified ATEX and OFTEC.
  • We are fully conversant with the numerous regulations concerning the design, installation maintenance, inspection and testing of electrical equipment for use in explosive atmospheres including MoD specific JSP317, JSP 375, JSP 482 Chapter 8 and ESTC 6 requirements.
  • Expertise in inspections and electrical remedial works for flammable goods stores (to PG01/17) - MT vehicle servicing pits (to DMG 13) - Tanker servicing bays (to DMG 13) - BFI (to PET02)
  • Electrical maintenance and inspection MTFI (to PET02 / PET04)
  • Motor overload testing, 11 monthly earth testing and motor temperature and vibration testing for BFI (to PET02).
  • Periodic inspection 3,6,11,12 and 24 month, lightning protection inspection and testing / conductive, anti-static floor inspections for Explosive Storage Areas (to ESTC6).
  • Specialising in hazardous area and electrical installs, we have a team of VAREC and NICEIC approved, as well as DNV and class 7 CompEx accredited electrical engineers who will design and maintain systems that ensure operational readiness at all times.
  • Experts in MOD publications DIO Technical Standard PET 01, 02 and 04, and SFG20.
  • Expertise in FWS filters and micro-filters to the following:
    • EI 1581 5th Edition - Specifications and laboratory qualification procedures for aviation fuel filter/water separators – 2011.
    • EI 1590 3rd Edition - Specifications and qualification procedures for aviation fuel microfilters – 2014.
    • EI 1596 2nd Edition - Design and Construction of Aviation Fuel Filter Vessels – 2013 2. EI 1590 3rd Edition - Specifications and qualification procedures for aviation fuel Microfilter – 2014.

Key stats

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  • 0+
    120m+ litres of fuel storage maintained annually.
  • 0
    10 BFI pump upgrades completed.
  • 0+
    10.5km of non-compliant electrical cable replaced.
  • 0
    21km of hydrants maintained every year.
  • 0+
    800+ full defence site inspections conducted within the last 8 years.

Key contacts

Matt Graystone

National Account Manager

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