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Civil engineering design and project management

Turnkey civil engineering design and project management.

Our in-house civils team provides civil engineering design and project management for installations and decommissioning of environmental assets and energy infrastructure.

From underground tanks such as pump stations, interceptors, and treatment plants, to bund construction, petrol forecourts and EV chargepoint infrastructure, our teams focus on engineering solutions to customer’s unique challenges.

We recognise that every site is unique. If the water table is too high we will engineer a solution to reduce the water, if the ground conditions are too soft we might have to put in a bigger base and add steel in the upstand around the tank to shore it.

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Added value

Principal contractor

Acting as principal contractor our teams can lead your project and control health and safety on site as well as managing contractors, and it also means you have one point of contact and one point of payment.


Our experts have a range of qualifications including dumper drivers, roller drivers, national grid training, CAT scanning certificates, confined space qualifications.


We are accredited by NPORs and our experts are trained in CPCS excavator training.

Energy infrastructure

We work hand in hand with our hazardous electrical and fuel infrastructure colleagues to deliver a turnkey solution for energy infrastructure.

Turnkey solution

We can provide a full turnkey solution from consultancy, design, installation, commissioning, testing, inspection, maintenance, cleaning and decommission.

Energy infrastructure

Our experts can manage all your civil engineering requirements for your energy infrastructure project on a petrol station or fuel facility installation, as well as installing electric vehicle chargepoints.

From minor to major redevelopment works as well as remediation, remedial works and maintenance, our experts can install canopy’s, interceptors, car parks, lampposts, kiosks and lay tarmac. We can also help you manage your aging infrastructure with new pipework installation and tank top upgrades.

Electric vehicle charging

Underground tanks

Our civil engineers will install and construct a concrete pad underground to accommodate the specific weight of the specified tank. Anchor points will be installed on the concrete pad.

Once the tank has been lifted in, we will secure it to the anchor points using straps before filling in the concrete surround. We need to ensure the correct pressure is maintained inside the tank throughout the install by adding water as the concrete is being poured to avoid damage to the tank.

We then reinstate formwork for the concrete and set the manhole covers. Aesthetically we will either concrete on the top, lay grass, or lay tarmac to match the existing land.

Bund installation

Our experts will investigate your site and specific requirements before creating a structural design for your bund in line with the relevant regulations, standards, and good practice. Following the design we will excavate, and install the sub-base, line with concrete, tie the steels into the base and walls and finish with another layer of concrete.

Bund design and construction


Our teams can support our drainage experts in the excavation of land to remediate or lay drainage pipes, support with drainage connections or removing and replacing manhole covers as required.

Drains and sewers

The process


Our experts will investigate your site and specific requirements before creating a structural design for your asset.


If excavation is required, it is undertaken in line with relevant regulations. If the tank needs to be below 1.2 metres underground, it will require shoring. Our experts will install drag box shuttering, sheet pile and whale shuttering to ensure the surrounding soil doesn’t collapse the tank. They can also install dewatering systems if the water table too high.


With the site clear and compliant, our expert civil engineering teams will step in to begin excavation, working above and below ground to clear earth, pipe networks, tanks, and buildings.

Keep your business compliant and protect the environment while reducing the risk of operational downtime

Find out how Adler & Allan reduce your risk and support you on your journey to Net-Zero through the management and maintenance of assets.

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