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Additive blending and injection systems

Bespoke additive injection, pressurisation and blending systems for industrial liquids and gases.

We design and fabricate additive injection, pressurisation and blending systems for industrial liquids and gases.

Acting quickly to develop the best solution for your needs, we build to the highest engineering standards and specifications to ensure total compliance, accuracy, efficiency and safety.

Our experience is unsurpassed: we have more than 170 years collective experience in the petrochemical sector, over 200 years in mechanical engineering, over 80 years in electrical engineering and over 150 years in on-site servicing.


  • We provide an end-to-end solution, with design, engineering, fabrication, project management and software support
  • We take a tailored approach – solutions are engineered to suit specific applications
  • Our factories have full flow testing facilities
  • Our skid-based solutions are designed and built off-site, minimising downtime and disruption

Added value


We have more experience than anyone else in the market.


We have full design suite capability.


We hold strategic distribution partnerships with some of the best equipment manufacturers in the industry.


OEM and Systems Integrator.


We have supplied containerised systems all over the UK and Europe.

Additive injection systems

We design and manufacture tailored skids to help those processing industrial liquids and gas to manage additive injection and pressurisation.

Our systems are custom-engineered to the highest standards to ensure accuracy, reliability and regulatory compliance when it matters most.

Containerised systems

Our unique skid-based system combines storage, pressurisation and injection/blending within a self-contained system, providing liquid and gas processors with a custom-built solution which can be configured to suit a host of additive injection and blending applications.

FLOBLOCK injector and sensor

The most advanced additive injector on the market provides high accuracy and repeatability when injecting additives into fuels and other industrial liquids and gases. The compatible sensor is designed to detect movement of the gears inside the flowmeter section of the injector, for use in hazardous locations.

FLOCAL calibration device

Our experts developed the world’s first true closed-loop additive calibration device. It provides accurate & repeatable calibration without exposing engineers to potentially harmful additives or vapour, making the process of calibration safer, quicker, and more efficient.

Blending systems

We design and fabricate fuel blending systems and pump skids for a range of blend constituents, hydrocarbons, and chemicals, to help those processing industrial liquids and gas to manage blending and pressurisation.

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