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Strategic programme and commercial consultancy

Realise business benefits and increase cost confidence with sustainability at the core.

We identify areas of operational and cost efficiency to install cost and commercial confidence across your programme, boosting your organisation's success through our tailored solutions.

Our tailored project, programme, and portfolio management solutions ensure projects are delivered on time, within budget, and with uncompromised quality.

We combine powerful data with our experience and assets to build you resilient forecasts of indicative programme finances and provide you assurance on whether your estimates/costs are market rate or not.

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How we help

Customer programmes

We help you boost your organisations success through our tailored project, programme, and portfolio management solutions to ensure projects are delivered on time, within budget, and with uncompromised quality, by embedding in-depth industry expertise, experience, and a commitment to sustainability.

We provide a mix of standard and customised project, programme, and portfolio management solutions which drive innovation, quality, technical expertise, and commercial understanding from start to finish. Our tailored approach ensures that each project aligns strategically with your needs, ensuring not just success but also a positive impact on the environment and communities you serve.

Servies include:

  • Programme management office
  • Commercial
  • Strategic advice
  • Asset strategy
  • Engineering services

Commercial services

Our vision of innovative and tailored business solutions in combination with our philosophy of delivering the client true visibility of ‘should cost – will cost – actual cost’ empowers us to establish you in position for cost efficient and sustainable program delivery.

In this challenging, volatile economic climate, we are relied upon for specialist cost and commercial knowledge to ensure successful program delivery.

We amalgamate partnerships with Tier 1 contractors, in house commercial / cost specialists, and industry leading commercial engineering capabilities to ensure you receive optimal solution choices with sustainability, unparalleled client satisfaction, and cost efficiency at the root of every decision we make.

Services include:

  • Cost estimating
  • Cost management
  • Cost intelligence and benchmarking
  • Commercial and contract management
  • Procurement and contracts strategy
  • Commercial engineering
Aqua Consultants supported our business on a number of change initiatives, including the need/scope/cost challenge initiative. The approach that Aqua Consultants Brought was challenging, pragmatic and professional, regularly displaying sensitivity and common sense. This work delivered tangible business benefits for us and I would recommend Aqua Consultants for this type of work based upon my experience.

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