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Uncontrolled water discharge

Monitoring water quality following uncontrolled discharge.

We offer responsive water quality monitoring to demonstrate the impact of an uncontrolled discharge.

Our 24/7-365 response ensures we get to you quickly to begin assessing the true extent of the pollution.

In the event of an uncontrolled discharge, we act fast to help you quickly assess the true impact on the environment. Our expert consultants can also support with the remediation of waterways including safely removing pollutants and remediating water courses to their original state with hydrogen peroxide dosing.

Incidents include the likes of a separator not being properly maintained and causing oil to leak into the environment, de-icer contaminating surface water run off in the winter, or a sewer being overwhelmed and causing sewage to escape into a nearby watercourse.

Key stats

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    The civil penalty for water companies who pollute the environment has increased from £250,000 to up to £250 million.

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