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ESG at Adler and Allan

This ESG report outlines our current position and our strategy for the years ahead.

ESG is a fundamental pillar of our business, guiding our work with customers and informing our own strategic priorities.

By prioritising ESG in our business practices, we are committed to safeguarding the environment, supporting our employees, and creating better communities.

Our approach ensures that we are a responsible employer, protect the environment, reduce our carbon footprint, and support the UN’s sustainability development goals across the group.

Our latest report demonstrates how we are further raising the bar to deliver an ambitious ESG approach that truly reflects our values and commitment to sustainability.


Our commitment to environmental sustainability and protection is reflected in our robust strategies, policies, and procedures, which we have now aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

We aim to reduce our carbon footprint in support of the implementation of the SDGs.

To achieve this goal, we have appointed a new Internal Sustainability Manager and recently launched several new strategies to help understand our environmental impact, decarbonise our operations, and take positive action towards a sustainable future.

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We believe our people are crucial to our business, ensuring we deliver quality results to clients every time.

At Adler and Allan we are committed to fostering a safe and healthy working environment. We place safety before all else. We pride ourselves on providing conditions of work that are safe and healthy and that help to prevent physical and mental harm to workers. A leading approach to Health & Safety is a priority across our operations, with plans to expand our SHEQ function to include more investments, KPIs and targets.

We also prioritise supporting our employees through recognition, opportunities for career progression and improving diversity. We are taking steps towards building out our approach to employee engagement and development to ensure we are attracting and retaining the best talent and fostering a diverse and inclusive culture.

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Adler and Allan is committed to operating in an honest and transparent manner and in accordance with internationally recognised ethical, professional and legal standards and principles, across our own organisation and supply chain.

We aim to ensure we have a robust governance structure and the relevant policies and procedures in place to effectively manage corporate governance, supply chain transparency and cyber security across our business.

We work with a range of trusted suppliers which ensures we provide high quality services to our clients.

We aim to build long-term partnerships with our suppliers through which we can take them along on our journey as we aim to make our supply chain more sustainable.

Going forwards, we are taking steps to further bolster our existing processes towards ethical business practices in our organisation and supply chain.

Download our ESG report

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