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Chemical regulation compliance

Chemical compliance.

We help fuel distributors, ADR transport operators, manufacturing and processing facilities to remain compliant with chemical, transport, and supply legislation, including CLP, GHS, and REACH with DGSA and safety data sheet advice.

As countries around the world develop their chemical regulatory regimes, our expert team of chemical compliance advisors ensure you keep up with developments, saving you time and providing a cost-effective means of meeting your regulatory obligations.


  • Qualified DGSAs in-house to provide advice or act as your representative DGSA.
  • Comply with ADR legislation.
  • Expert knowledge of CLP, GHS, CDG, ADR and REACH regulations.
  • Ensure your SDS comply with REACH legislation.
  • SDS thoroughly reviewed by hand with translation if necessary, tailored to specific customer.

Dangerous goods transport advice

There is a legal requirement (under Section 1.8.3 of ADR) for anyone involved in the loading, intermediate unloading, or transportation of dangerous goods to appoint a DGSA.

The DGSA is often someone outside of your business who can act as a trusted and objective advisor ensuring safety and compliance.

We have a team of qualified DGSAs that can offer expert advice or act as your representative DGSA. We can inspect and audit your operations, offer advice, make recommendations, and provide you with the annual report that you need. We can also advise you on the movement of chemicals by other modes (air, sea, or waterway).

Safety Data Sheets and labelling advice

All substances and mixtures should be classified to CLP (Classification, Labelling and Packaging Regulation). Safety Data Sheets (SDS) must be supplied with substances and mixtures that are hazardous to heath, in accordance with the REACH Regulations. In addition, the SDS must be provided in the language of the member state it is supplied in.

We can give you the reassurance that your SDS comply by checking them for you. We can also classify products, advise on labelling, and generate the relevant text for labels so that you know that you meet the latest CLP/GHS requirements.

In addition, we offer an SDS authoring and translation service.

There may also be a requirement for extended SDS, which will need to contain information relating to exposure scenarios. Our experts can advise on this.

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