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Environmental services for construction companies

Maintain environmental compliance, be ready for infrastructure and housing expansion, and achieve their sustainability targets.

We help construction companies maintain environmental compliance, be ready for infrastructure and housing expansion, and achieve their sustainability targets by installing and maintaining critical assets such as tanks and drainage, waste management, spill response, ecology, geoenvironmental and environmental compliance assessments.

Tackling key challenges in the construction sector

Rising energy costs

The construction industry makes up 36% of worldwide energy use. The high cost of electricity, fuel and other energy is significantly impacting project budgets and profitability.

The industry’s carbon footprint and environmental impact faces increasing scrutiny, placing pressure on companies to adopt more sustainable practices and technologies.

ESG and sustainability

The construction industry produces 40% of CO2 emissions globally, and the Government, investors, customers, and employees are looking to companies to reassess their waste, materials and transportation policies and reduce their environmental impact.

You need a supply chain that can help you achieve your ESG and sustainability ambitions by being open and transparent about their carbon footprint and offering sustainable alternative project specifications.

Infrastructure expansion

The construction sector has a huge opportunity as Governments increase their spending on critical infrastructure projects such as transportation, water, and energy infrastructure, to drive economic growth and recovery and meet the demands of the future.

Who we work with

  • House builders
  • Civil engineering firms
  • Contractors

Related services

Emergency response

We respond quickly in the event of an environmental incident, to reduce the impact on the environment and your operations with turn-key solutions from identification to waste disposal.

Hazardous waste

We help any operation that generates hazardous waste, process it compliantly by identifying, collecting, and analysing it in our dedicated lab. By treating and disposing of any hazardous bulk liquid or packaged waste, you can be confident your waste will be removed quickly and processed compliantly.

Drains and sewers

We help you keep your drain networks flowing through surveying, planned and reactive maintenance, remediation, and monitoring, to improve efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

Storage tanks

We help construction companies with any type, volume, and number of tanks on their sites to install, inspect, test, and maintain them compliantly so that they can reduce the risk of damaging the environment, operational downtime, regulatory fines, and protect their reputation in the event of a pollution incident.

Environmental compliance assessment

We help you ensure the integrity, condition, and compliance of industrial assets with our environmental compliance assessments. This allows you to attain and maintain custody of your sites, identify gaps in your compliance, identify future risk scenarios, and develop a strategic asset priority map, efficiently and within your budget.

Land quality

Understand, manage, and reduce your geotechnical and environmental risks in land transactions and development. By combining technical expertise and a commercially focused approach we find solutions to manage and reduce risk, so that you can achieve your business and sustainability goals.

Keep your business compliant and protect the environment while reducing the risk of operational downtime

Find out how Adler & Allan reduce your risk and support you on your journey to Net-Zero through the management and maintenance of assets.

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