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Environmental management for retail fuel sector

Managing and maintaining the UK Forecourt sector providing comprehensive and experienced fuel management and infrastructure services.

We work with forecourt owners, major retailers, and petroleum suppliers to help them overcome some of the biggest challenges with their assets, from managing fuel storage and pollution prevention to ensuring their drainage is regularly maintained and managed.

Our complete end-to-end solutions include consultative asset management, underground storage tank surveying, drainage and separator installation, maintenance, and remediation.

This complete approach allows forecourt operators to concentrate on serving their customers while reducing risk to the environment, staying compliant, avoiding fines, operational downtime, and customer disruption.

We have over 90 years of experience in forecourt asset management and maintenance. This ensures we have a complete understanding of the problems faced by forecourt operators and can provide a range of specialists and services in house to fully manage retail fuel assets from end-to-end.

Tackling key challenges in the retail fuel sector

Ageing assets and their maintenance

Forecourt operators are actively seeking better ways to manage their existing assets to ensure they are fit for purpose, and extend their lifespan. This is essential to enable them to make the necessary investments to enhance the fuel offerings available at their sites.

It's important to note that asset failure can cost a business ten times more than implementing a successful maintenance plan, which is much less expensive than purchasing a new asset. Poorly maintained forecourt assets are more likely to cause a pollution incident, which could lead to enforcement action from organizations like the Environment Agency. However, demonstrating that all reasonable efforts were made to implement proper prevention systems can reduce the penalties.

This requires detailed inspection and service records, as well as ongoing maintenance of containment systems. Without these elements in place, operators could face significant fines and penalties. To ensure asset availability, safety, and reliability, routine maintenance is crucial. A maintenance strategy for forecourt assets, whether planned, reactive, or preventive, can make the difference between a profitable forecourt or costly closures.


The cost of downtime on a forecourt can be far reaching. When you are not trading, you are not earning! You will also be fined for every day your forecourt is closed. And, it can take up to six months to re-build your reputation following closure due to development work or an environmental incident.

Downtime is not an option, so you need to ensure you have a working asset list, you maintain compliance, and your assets are fit for purpose. Any development work you do undertake should be managed to limit the impact of downtime.

New and future fuels

To cater to diverse customers' needs, the forecourts of the future will need to offer a broader range of fuel sources, including electricity, natural gas/CNG, diesel, LPG, biofuels, and hydrogen. To accomplish this, forecourt owners will need to adjust their real estate layouts by installing tanks, batteries, pumps, and other equipment accordingly. They will also need to devise intelligent strategies to provide seamless fueling services to customers using different fuel sources.

Eco-friendly operators

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of their carbon footprints, leading to more environmentally conscious purchasing decisions. As a result, retail fuel sites need to modify their buildings and infrastructure to incorporate more efficient lighting, eco-friendly building materials, and energy usage.

Accreditations, certifications, and memberships

  • APEA members
  • PRA members
  • RMIF members
  • ISO-14001 certified

Relevant training

  • Confined Space trained - Medium or High Risk
  • Cable Avoidance Trained
  • Safe Contractor Certificate
  • CompEx trained electricians

Key stats

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    4,500+ forecourts maintained per year.
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    6,000 oil water separators serviced per annum,

Key contacts

Andrew Clarke

Managing Director, Energy Services

Phil Bloor

National Account Manager

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