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Water quality testing

Monitoring water quality of bathing and sensitive waters.

We help organisations with operations close to designated bathing and sensitive waters by testing the water quality, to assess their impact on the designations from their assets discharges.

Sensitive and protected waters

Our experts monitor sensitive and protected waters to understand the chemistry, biology and hydrometry of the water body as well as additional key parameters around e-coli and enterococcus.

Shellfish waters monitoring

Bivalve mollusc (shellfish) harvesting areas are classified according to the extent of microbial (faecal) contamination as shown by monitoring of E. coli in shellfish flesh.

Our experts use the Food Standards Agency (FSA) and Food Standards Scotland (FSS) monitoring and classification programmes to ensure you meet legal requirements.

Bathing water

Lakes, rivers, and seas are used for a variety of recreational activities and immersion sports including swimming, diving, fishing, and sailing. There may be adverse health effects associated with recreational use if health hazards are present such as (sewage) pollution, toxic cyanobacteria, and blue-green algae.

Our consultants use Bathing Water Directive sampling methodology and UKAS ISO 17025 accredited laboratories to assess for key parameters.

Our services

Our experts can design a monitoring programme according to your needs and conduct sampling and analysis. We also provide interpretation of results and advice in a comprehensive report. If required, we can provide advice of compliance failures and solutions for improving the quality of your discharge.

Key stats

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    There are over 100,000 environmental permits in place for consented discharges to controlled waters in the UK.

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