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Drain surveys

Diagnostic and investigative surveys to understand the condition and layout of drainage infrastructure.

Through our Group companies Jet Aire and Oneline, we provide a range of sewer and drain surveys and drainage plans for water companies, housebuilders, commercial sites, and domestic customers to help them understand and manage the condition and layout of their drainage network.

Our surveys confirm the location of sewer and drainage pipes, monitor their condition, and identify blockages, such as infiltration, tree root ingress, misconnections, or structural defects, and advise on remedial action or planned preventive maintenance.

Features and outputs

  • Our camera equipment can survey pipes from 40mm upwards.
  • 500 metre surveying capability with one set up.
  • OS19X-qualified team and advanced equipment allow us to work on private and public sewers, including in confined spaces.
  • Every customer receives a WinCan report, AutoCAD site drawing and a list of immediate and recommended actions to take.
  • Ability to work on domestic drainage issues as well as public networks.

Added value


We invest in the latest, high-quality equipment and work to the highest standards.


We use high-definition cameras that provide a very clear picture.


Our surveyors are trained to Manual Sewer Condition Classification 5 and all reports are produced in accordance with the WRc Manual of Sewer Classification.


Compliance with the Street Works Qualifications Register and highway maintenance vehicle signage to allow work on public highways.


Our camera vehicles carry the necessary equipment to break through blockages in pipes, eliminating the need for a repeat visit.

Survey types

We carry out both proactive and reactive surveys on pipes and manholes for a range of purposes from site investigations to sewer and drainage adoption.

Site investigation surveys

We plot the size and location of pipes, access points, manholes and interceptors and provide a full drainage plan to support building work, and to understand network capacity and where existing sewers lie.

Drainage plans

Our comprehensive drainage plans log details of the drainage network on a particular site, including pipes, manholes, interceptors, and surface water drainage.

Impermeable area studies

Our impermeable area studies identify where rainwater and surface runoff are entering the drainage system.

Connectivity surveys

Where pipe condition is either already known or not required, we can use probes and dye testing to understand how pipes connect and check the flow levels.

Build over surveys

We use CCTV to check the location, structural integrity, and flow of pipes prior to building work taking place so a build-over agreement can be put in place if needed.

As built surveys

Sewer and drain adoption surveys

To prove compliance with section 102, 104 & 185 agreements we survey new sewers and drains ensuring they are properly installed and free from defects, prior to their adoption into the public sewer network.

Highway adoption surveys

To ensure compliance with Section 38, 228 & 278 agreements our As Built Surveys for highway adoption are coloured to the local authority standard, and supported by land transfer plans, highway inventories and asset specification inventories.

Pipework condition surveys

We use CCTV to proactively check the condition of pipework and detect problems such as infiltration, root ingress and other structural defects before they cause significant issues.


We use CCTV to check the status of old or unknown water or gas pipes, so they can be safely removed. 


We use a range of different surveying techniques including CCTV, sonar tracing, and dye testing.

CCTV surveys

Our camera equipment can survey pipes from 40mm upwards, allowing us to assess condition and structural integrity and diagnose blockages or other issues along the whole network, from internal pipework to public sewers.

Manhole surveys

Manhole surveys can be carried out to fill gaps in records, obtain data on critical sewers, address specific issues, or check on general condition.

Sonar tracing

Our specialist sonar tracing equipment detects the exact location of any defective or collapsed drains identified as part of the CCTV survey. Sonar tracing is also used to accurately locate and mark out the drainage prior to building work.

Dye testing

Dye testing detects the flow of water through drains or pipes. It can be used to identify individual flows into a common drain and trace where foul water is entering rivers or streams.

Odour investigation

Where bad smells are causing problems, we will use a combination of mini camera systems and smoke bombs to check pipework for cracks, gaps, or other possible points of entry.

Hydraulic pressure testing

Hydraulic pressure testing is a way of detecting leaks in underground pipes. Air is pumped into the drain or pipe and if the pressure holds, the line is sound. If the pressure drops, we investigate further and recommend remedial action.

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