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Environmental insurance claims

Manage your environmental insurance event effectively and efficiently through response, site investigation and remediation.

We help loss adjuster and insurance partners manage their environmental insurance event effectively and efficiently through the full lifecycle including response, site investigation and remediation.

Clear communication, management of expectations, proactive programmes of work and management of elapsed time ensure our clients can get back up and running quickly, and with the least amount of disruption.

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The process

  • Emergency response – rapid, practical response to minimise damage and cost
  • Initial Investigation – to establish the nature and extent of contamination following a loss
  • Remediation options appraisal – to design the most appropriate and cost-effective remediation strategy
  • Remedial works – to execute the chosen strategy using our own people supported by a carefully vetted network of UK wide contractors
  • Validation – to demonstrate the remediation has been successful at reducing risks to acceptable levels
  • Final reporting – to bring closure to the claim

The environmental claims management team has specialist experience in dealing with claims relating to property, motor, liability, agriculture, and major & complex loss and are capable of handling incidents which range from the relatively simple to those that are complex, challenging, and large scale.


  • Manage a range of incidents from simple to complex and challenging.
  • Deal with claims relating to property, motor, liability, agriculture, and major & complex loss.
  • Available 24/7-365 to manage your environmental claim.
  • Commercial awareness to manage your business’s environmental incident claim effectively.
  • Personable nature to calm and manage the trauma associated with contamination of an individual’s home.

Added value


We investigate and remediate more oil loss insurance claims than any other environmental consultancy in the UK.

Managing expectations

Our experts manage all stakeholder expectations whilst protecting the insured’s reputation and insurer claim spend.


Many of our project managers are ex-environmental regulators.


We handle the claim from start to finish.

Property claims

Property damage because of an oil loss from an oil storage facility, oil fired boiler, cooking appliance or associated pipework can cause major disruption to family life and or business and result in substantial alternative accommodation and business interruption claims in addition to repair of damage costs.

It is essential that damage is promptly, and professionally assessed and positive action taken to mitigate losses.

Working within the restrictions of the extent of policy cover and policy wording definitions of buildings, we provide a complete oil loss investigation and remediation service to loss adjusters and insurers.

The high calibre, experience and personable nature of our consultants makes us ideal to calm and manage the trauma associated with contamination of an individual’s most valuable asset, their home.

Our commercial awareness allows us to operate effectively in the commercial property insurance sector.

High-net-worth property claims

Our high-net-worth insurance clients benefit from our personal approach, attention to detail and outstanding communication throughout. We work with our premium loss adjusters to deliver specialist remedial work, and bespoke site investigation. All of our HNW property claims are managed on-site by dedicated senior consultants with a minimum of five years’ experience in oil loss claims.

Motor claims

Our environmental claims managers have 20+ years of experience dealing with complex motor claims such as tanker rollovers and train derailments that have the potential to leak pollution to land or water.

Liability claims

Liability claims, whether public liability, occupier’s liability, contractors’ pollution liability or more specialist environmental impairment liability, resulting from pollution and contamination can be challenging and complex in nature.

Working in close partnership with panel loss adjusters, our experts are experienced at assisting with investigation into cause for liability decisions and at investigating the extent of contamination and environmental damage to devise the most appropriate and cost-effective remediation strategies in line with policy cover and current environmental legislation.

Our rapid environment protection and investigation response and proactive management of liability claims help protect the environment and greatly minimises the risk of prosecution for causing pollution or environmental damage. Where necessary, we can assess impact to aquatic life and terrestrial habitats using our in-house ecology team.

Our highly experienced consultants can review and comment upon strategy and costs presented by others, to assist adjusters and solicitors with quantum enquiries.

Environmental Impairment Liability (EIL)

The introduction of the Environmental Damage Regulations in 2009 created new liabilities for pollution to land, water, and biodiversity. Cover under standard liability and property policies has not kept pace with changes in environmental legislation. EIL policies provide full protection against pollution and contamination to own site, third party property, statutory liabilities, emergency mitigation and legal defence costs.

However, we are yet to see a claim where the Environmental Damage Regulations have been triggered. There have been several incidents where we have expected the regulator to use the regulations to demand extensive remediation, but they have relied on existing statutes. In other cases, where the regulators have attempted to use the Environmental Damage Regulations, we have demonstrated that the damage criteria have not been met.

Insurers often offer wide interpretation of their cover to provide an indemnity, and whilst this continues companies may not recognise the need for more extensive cover.

Agricultural claims

Failure of slurry, silage, liquid fertiliser, or fuel oil storage facilities can result in significant environmental damage, business interruption, property damage, and third-party claims. A rapid response and pragmatic management of all environmental aspects of the claim can mitigate the loss, minimise the risk of prosecution for pollution offences, control claim spend and provide excellent personal service to the insured.

We are also able to provide support services and advice on pollution risk management, the safe storage of agrochemicals, farm waste management, environmental stewardship schemes and water abstraction and discharge permits.

Major and complex loss

Our experts are available 24/7 to respond to major & complex loss insurance claims where property, human health or the environment are at risk from pollution or contamination.

We would like to express our thanks and appreciation for the way your personnel have dealt with the problems caused by the recent loss of oil from our tank. They have been most helpful, pleasant and conscientious throughout the whole process, from emergency removal of oil from our leaking tank, the subsequent investigations and excavations and finally the excellent restoration of the site.


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