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Oil and gas environmental services

Managing and maintaining midstream fuel infrastructure and storage for efficient and compliant operations.

We help midstream operators tackle the challenges of an ageing network, new storage requirements, pipeline integrity regimes, and evolving Net-Zero demands, through expert consultancy, maintenance, and transformation services.

Our turnkey services and capability provide solutions to ensure asset resilience and compliance, extending the life of your assets, with the right mix of innovation and infrastructure management.

With years of experience working in the fuel environment, we have become the ideal partner to assist terminal sites with their infrastructure.

Storage of fuel in any tank, above or below ground, requires constant maintenance and inspection and our specialists can provide in-depth knowledge, advice, and guidance on the current and upcoming legislation and regulations that can benefit you by ensuring a safe and compliant site.

Tackling key challenges in the oil and gas sector

Ageing infrastructure

We know you are looking for ways to manage your ageing infrastructure compliantly, while extending the lifespan of your assets such as fuel storage infrastructure until you transition to new assets.

We help you to understand which assets could cause issues, environmental harm, and shortfalls against government standards. We know how to repair, refurbish, and maintain your current infrastructure to reduce long-term expenditure.


You need to be aware of your environmental responsibilities, and you must make sure that you operate in a legally compliant way. Non-compliance brings the risk of enforcement action, possible fines, and real damage to your reputation. 

We make sure your fuel storage and drainage assets remain compliant with all relevant industry legislation including BS EN 858-2:2003, CIRIA C736 and C753, Environmental Permitting Regulations, Guidance for Pollution Prevention and specific asset standards and guidance. 


Policies to transform global energy and reduce emissions are being created around the world. But it isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. The EU’s ‘Fit for 55’ proposals aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55 percent by 2030. The transition of energy is not going to be plain sailing.

Fluctuating demand

We have seen the results of a supply shock with a tight oil supply and supply disruptions. There has never been so much uncertainty over potential high and low points in terms of prices, supply, and demand. Volatility is likely to be with us for some time.

Geopolitical tensions

The geopolitical tensions contributed to an energy crunch and record natural gas prices in the EU. Europe could delay implementation of some of its key “green transition” energy policies to avoid short-term pain. How this crisis plays out in the longer-term will have significant implications for the energy mix in Europe over the next 5–10 years.

Environmental activists

Environmental and social activists are putting increasing pressure on the industry, questioning its “social license” to operate due to the pollution and climate change claims. Activist investors are shifting more of their investments toward green energy and social media has provided a platform to get messages out much wider.

Who we work with

  • E&P companies
  • Oilfield services companies
  • Drilling contractors
  • Pipeline companies
  • EPC contractors
  • Refineries
  • Petrochemical Companies

Related services

Assets and infrastructure

Achieve and maintain environmental compliance by inspecting and maintaining your assets such as tanks, bunds, separators, drainage, and electrical equipment, through our best-in-class environmental risk reduction services.

Environmental compliance assessment

Ensure the integrity, condition, and compliance of your industrial assets with our environmental compliance assessments. Regain custody of your sites, identify gaps in your compliance, identify future risk scenarios, and develop a strategic asset priority map, efficiently and within your clients budget.

Planned preventive maintenance

We ensure your assets remain compliant by establishing a planned preventive maintenance (PPM) regime so that you can ensure you have up-to-date maintenance documentation in the event of a pollution incident and to extend the lifespan of your assets such as tanks, bunds, separators, drainage, and electrical equipment. To minimise the risk of asset failure, leakages, content contamination, and pollution regular storage tank inspections will ensure they remain compliant. Using the latest high-pressure or ultrasonic technology, our skilled non-destructive testing engineers and specialist welders test for leaks and structural concerns.

Industrial lining protection

We help organisations actively reduce maintenance costs, extended the life of their assets, and prevent corrosion, dirt, and contamination with our durable industrial linings AdlerCoat™ and hydrophobic and super hydrophobic coatings. Link to industrial lining protection Our double skin tank enhancement system is a cost-effective way for organisations to extend the life of their fuel storage tanks ensuring they remain compliant until such time as they transition their energy mix.


We provide commissioning, inspection, decontamination, cleaning, and cathodic corrosion protection of pipeline, process pipework and pipe coil solutions. Our experts can commission new pipework through either pressure testing (hydrotesting, pneumatic testing and all related activities), or pigging. We can provide pipeline inspection services as part of inspection regimes as per ‘POF 2016 Standards’, specialising in un-piggable and difficult to inspect pipelines and pipework. We specialise in providing turnkey solutions for cleaning difficult and un-piggable pipelines and blocked ducts. Combination pigging with chemical or high pressure and ultra-high-pressure jetting, guarantees desirable results with the minimum amount of downtime.

Hazardous and specialist electrical

We provide expert electrical solutions in specialist commercial, explosive, and hazardous environments through routine inspections, remedial, and installation works, as well as full end-to-end EV chargepoint solutions. Our experts will ensure you remain compliant with legislation for either hazardous area or commercial inspections, testing in accordance with BS7671 and BS6079-17.

Access solutions

We are not just designers, suppliers, and installers of these systems, but we also offer a range of services including design, engineering, fabrication, and project management support. We understand that industry regulations and technology are continually evolving, and therefore, our objective is to deliver the most cost-effective solution to our clients, whether it involves repair, modification, or replacement of the system.


We safely and compliantly decommission assets on any site. Our experts project manage the entire process from planning and preparation to demolition and onward development ensuring you achieve the best value for your land, with fast turnaround, while reducing environmental risk. Demolition work could range from infilling tanks and leaving them safely in situ to full tank removal and disposal depending on the intended use of the site.

Environmental, social and governance (ESG)

Tackle activist investor and stakeholder concerns head on with an ESG plan. We support organisations to meet their ESG obligations through due diligence, corporate reporting, and strategy. This allows you to demonstrate environmental responsibility to your customers as well as ensuring the best value in mergers and acquisitions, transactions, litigation, and insurance claims.

Emergency response

We respond quickly in the event of an environmental incident, to reduce the impact on the environment and your operations with turn-key solutions from identification to waste disposal. Our flood response limits damage and gets you operational quickly.

Energy transition

We ensure your critical infrastructure meets your sustainability and decarbonisation targets compliantly and cost effectively.

Fuel management

Ensure operational continuity by analysing, uplifting, transferring, and polishing fuel as well as emergency fuel delivery so that you can minimise downtime, reduce risk to the environment and ensure compliance.

Accreditations, certifications, and memberships

  • Pipeline Industry Guild
  • Institute of Corrosion (ICORR)
  • UKIFDA member
  • TSA member
  • ATEX certified engineers

Key contacts

Chris Gregory

National Account Manager

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Keep your business compliant and protect the environment while reducing the risk of operational downtime

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