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Bund inspection and maintenance

Compliant bund inspection and maintenance.

We help organisations remain compliant with specific bund and secondary containment regulations by inspecting and maintaining their assets.


CIRIA C736 Containment Systems for the Prevention of Pollution

CIRIA C736 is applicable to the containment of a wide range of inventories and to all sizes of site from small commercial premises with a single storage tank, through to large chemical or petrochemical sites. It also applies to warehouses storing hazardous inventories.

Information is provided on the design, and construction of new secondary containment systems and the also the inspection, maintenance, repair, extension and upgrading of existing installations.

HSE requirements

Maintenance of bunds is an important aspect, often overlooked, particularly in remote locations. A system of inspection should be in place to ensure the integrity of the bund. Also due consideration should be given to drainage to allow the removal of rainwater. This is normally achieved by incorporating a drain at a low point of a sloping floor with a manual valve, normally kept closed. Operating schedules should include daily opening of the valve to remove accumulated water, this will also assist in identifying minor leaks. However, with this system there is the problem that the valve may be left open or fail, thus reducing the effectiveness of the bund if a tank failure occurs. Also in winter conditions, ice may form blocking the drain. Failure to remove rainwater will reduce the capacity of the bund and may result in overtopping and if the substance to be contained is incompatible with water e.g. oleum, may result in an increased airborne release. Consideration of these scenarios should be included in the Safety Report.

Bund audit and inspections

Working with a qualified person to train your engineers or carry out routine and periodic inspections of your bund’s condition and performance means defects can often be identified at an early stage and addressed before they become more significant and compromise the integrity. Inspections will be carried out in line with CIRIA C736 Containment systems.

Bund cleaning

Powerful vacuums extract water or leaked tank contents, before the entire structure is jet washed to achieve a complete clean, even in the most confined, inaccessible spaces. All breached volatile or toxic liquids – such as acids, inflammables, and dangerous chemicals – will be safely removed and disposed of, leaving the bund clear, functional, and risk-free.

Bund lining

Because many bunds were constructed more than 20 years ago from porous brick or concrete, a high number require regular reinforcement to perform at their best.

Our polyurea AdlerCoat™ technology provides a cost effective, durable, and hard-wearing bund lining, with water, chemical, oil, and solvent resistance, protecting the environment and your assets against deterioration, degradation, and structural weakness.

Bund Water Control Unit

Any liquid in your bund should be removed so it doesn’t compromise the efficiency of your bund. Any rainwater that is left sitting in your bund could potentially contain hazardous materials and should be treated as hazardous waste.

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