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Sewer and wastewater network monitoring and management.

Detectronic helps water utilities prevent flooding, reduce pollution, and improve rivers and bathing water through an analytical, innovative, and creative approach to problem solving.

They facilitate real time management of sewerage systems by monitoring wastewater flows and effluent levels at CSO's and other critical points in the network. Combining their online portals with their flow and level monitors create a highly effective sewer network monitoring system.

Detectronic designs and manufactures a range of ultrasonic wastewater flow, level, and water quality monitoring equipment for smart network monitoring of sewerage, wastewater, and trade effluent.

By combining design, process, and operational capability with engineering expertise they deliver a fully integrated, end-to-end, in-house service across municipal and industrial wastewater treatment, pumping station refurbishments, chemical dosing programmes and MEICA.

Installation of Detectronic’s monitoring products and use of their data analysis and reporting systems enables water companies and operations teams to work more efficiently, improve compliance, reduce costs, and increase customer satisfaction.

They provide flood management risk solutions focusing on measuring, recording, reporting, and reacting to wastewater depths and flow rates.

Aqua Consultants

Professional services for the water, energy, and environment sectors.

Aqua Consultants provide a wide range of consultative asset management, engineering, and commercial services to its clients, helping them to understand and optimise their assets with strategic support around capital projects, business plans and investment, delivering value from asset creation through to operation. 

They develop and deliver procurement and contract strategy with cost estimation and planning throughout the project lifecycle.

Optimising decisions on need, scope, cost, and risk of the investment portfolio Aqua Consultants improve and make best use of asset data to deliver the right business solution.

They provide industry-leading organisational and delivery models to meet the needs of your business plan.

Jet Aire

Keeping your drainage infrastructure flowing with market leading technology.

Jet Aire helps commercial drainage infrastructure owners and domestic customers keep their drains flowing, reducing their risk, by employing market leading technology and the most cost-effective solutions.

Their services include using the latest surveying technology to accurately identify and diagnose issues, cleaning, jetting, and cutting to clear and maintain drains either through planned or reactive works, and no dig patch repair solutions to reduce disruption and extend asset life.

If digging is unavoidable their excavation solutions ensure the least amount of disruption for long lasting results.

They support customers in a variety of sectors including water utilities, manufacturing, construction, housing, and local government.

Their no-dig trenchless technology means they drastically reduce down-time, increasing operational efficiency and ensuring you remain compliant.


Maintaining compliance and efficiency in automated processes.

Flotech helps heavily regulated industries automate processes in hazardous liquid and gas infrastructure by delivering accurate, safe, and environmentally compliant solutions, so that they can integrate systems, reduce waste, and generate efficiencies.

Their end-to-end project management includes consultancy and conceptual design, installation, and on-site commissioning to client handover, as well as planned and reactive maintenance.

Flotech works in a number of heavily regulated industrial environments including food and beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical and petrochemical.

They ensure your operation remains safe and compliant with evolving regulations, while forging new innovations in hazardous materials storage, transfer, and distribution.


Keeping water and sewage networks flowing with expert diagnostics and cost-effective solutions.

Oneline helps commercial water and sewage infrastructure owners keep their networks flowing and reduce their risk, by identifying and resolving issues and maintaining assets in the long and short-term through expert diagnostics maintenance and upgrades.

Their services include highly specialised planned and reactive inspections of underground infrastructure as well as cleaning, handling and uplift of hazardous liquid waste from industrial tanks and sewers.

Oneline works in several heavily regulated industries including the water industry to groundwork companies, architects, and site development.

They increase efficiency in your operation by identifying and dealing with problems, increasing capacity, and ensuring you remain compliant while reducing operational downtime.


Understand and monitor the environment to reduce risk and enhance performance.

OHES helps organisations understand and monitor the environment to reduce risk and enhance performance, so that they can ensure compliance and environmental quality, increase biodiversity, and achieve their sustainability, development, and investment goals, through expert advice and bespoke, pragmatic, commercially focused solutions.

Their services include land quality services for transactions and development, environmental permitting, water quality monitoring, ecology, sustainability and Net-Zero, consultancy led response, chemical compliance, and environmental claims management.

OHES works with customers to help them manage the environmental aspects of land transactions and development, pollution response, energy and carbon management and reduction, and chemical compliance.

Their customers include water companies, insurance, commercial building surveyors and estate agents, transport and logistics, and facilities managers.

Keep your business compliant and protect the environment while reducing the risk of operational downtime

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