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Fuel tank bund construction

Fuel tank bunds are normally constructed from brick or block but where large volumes of liquid are being stored, they may also be constructed from reinforced concrete. A tank bund is a secondary containment system commonly used to protect environment from spills where hazardous liquids are stored.

Adler & Allan provide tank bund construction for a range of storage tanks including fuel, oil bunds, diesel bunds, chemical bunds and gas bunds. We can clean tank bunds and provide bund wall maintenance, using specialist protective coatings and GRP tank lining.

Why bunded fuel tanks?

Many fuel storage tanks require oil bunds to prevent pollution. Under the Oil Storage Regulations, a qualifying tank should be contained within bunding totalling no less than 110% of the storage tanks full capacity.

Most commercial or industrial sites and institutes should bund any fuel storage tank exceeding 200 litres. In general, building regulations state that new or replacement tanks exceeding 2,500 litres must be bunded.

Apart from legislation, we estimate that up to 80% of tank replacement and bund renewal costs can be saved by oil tank bunding and lining. We provide tank bund construction services for a vast range of applications, currently used in the Electrical Utilities, Power Generation, Manufacturing, Marine, Forecourts and Water industries.

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For more information about our bund construction services, call 0800 592 827 FREE or complete this Adler & Allan Tank Bund Construction Online Enquiry Form.

For more information call 0800 592 827 or complete this Adler and Allan Bund construction Online Enquiry Form.

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