The Project

This project involved site decommissioning, plant removal, hazardous waste management, soil remediation and high pressure water jetting. The main project was the decommissioning of a large, redundant electricity power sub-station. The building was 120 metres long by 40 metres deep and had three floors including below ground level rooms and corridors. Over the years a variety of problems had developed due to vandalism and environmental management challenges. These included the build-up of contaminated bulk liquids, surface contamination due to fires and spilled oils, and contaminated soils and solids. A number of the areas were asbestos contaminated. The site was adjacent to a canal and river which flows through Birmingham.

The Solution

Adler & Allan were selected to provide a range of services to facilitate the compliant and professional decommissioning of the building. These included identifying and sealing access points to the sub-station from underground tunnels, through fences and via various building entry points. We were commissioned to remove bulk contaminated liquids found in various areas throughout the building along with the removal of electrical equipment and cables. In addition, we worked on decontaminating grossly contaminated surfaces, the removal of asbestos, demolition of brick and metal structures and a programme of hazardous waste management. Much of the work required confined space entry management and the cabling needed specialist supervision of hot works. Throughout the contract Adler & Allan provided and managed services to monitor and manage health and safety and supplied welfare facilities for up to 30 individuals on site at any one time. Adler & Allan used mostly in-house qualified personnel to complete the work, whilst managing and working with other specialist contractors to provide a complete solution.

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The Outcome

In Spring 2012 the works were successfully completed to the full satisfaction of our client.