The Project

Due to the increase in demand for wet waste processing at Adler & Allan’s Rainham depot, a new, 10,000 litre quarantine and wet waste storage tank was required with the ability to segregate products and remove heavy solids. Historically, when dealing with wet waste the vehicles often collected an amount of solid items which then had to be separated from the liquids. In order to achieve this separation, large filter tanks were positioned on top of the bulk storage tank. Solids were then bought back to ground level to be put in suitable containers for disposal.

The Solution

Adler & Allan’s fuel storage division was tasked with designing the new storage facility, which consists of a twin compartmented tank of 7,000 and 3,000 litres. Both compartment sizes ensure that the full contents of one of the collection vehicles can be accommodated, without the need to swap from tank to tank. The storage tank is fully bunded and the base of the internal tank was designed in a hopper shape to allow for easy cleaning, without the need for tank entry every time. Large hoppers were also fixed to the side of the tank enabling the filters to be cleaned and the contents dropped directly into the disposal bins below.

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The Outcome

The new tank increased the depots processing throughput, reducing the time taken to separate heavy waste. Physical tank entries for cleaning were also cut. Delivered from the factory assembled and ready to receive product within one day, the tank was installed in the early hours of a Saturday morning to minimise disruption.