Environmental consultancy; from spills to floods and pollution prevention

When it comes to giving advice about best practice in the handling of hydrocarbons or controlled waste, Adler & Allan has the expertise and experience to help your organisation. We can keep you up to date with all relevant legislation and regulations so that your sites remain clean and safe, with plans in place for dealing with emergencies.

Expert waste consultancy services, helping companies manage and dispose of their waste, including extremely harmful asbestos, in an increasingly challenging legislative environment.

Adler & Allan has extensive experience of marine spills and waste management, providing consultancy services for ports and harbours looking to plan for and prevent environmental disaster.

Support for the creation of spill planning and preparation, in order to minimise the disruption and associated costs a spill can cause, including site audit and advice on plan implementation in the event of a disaster.

Mechanical an Electrical (M&E) consultancy services designed for storage tank owners and operators in the fuel, water, chemical and manufacturing sectors, ensuring a site, its equipment and fuel, are safe and effective.

Adler & Allan delivers a range of pollution control consultancy services, from compiling pollution prevention and spill response plans, to maintaining and testing storage tanks and pollution control equipment.

Consultative advice to help organisations meet the Environmental Permitting Regulations (EPR), including permit applications, specialising in waste and groundwater issues (Annexes G, I and J).

Adler & Allan has developed a protocol for the management of all environmental spill related incidents, designed to reduce client costs and ensure the minimisation of both legal and financial liabilities.

Adler & Allan’s environmental auditing services are designed to help you identify environmental risks and the safety and pollution prevention measures most appropriate to your organisation.

A comprehensive range of post spill investigation and remediation services to clean-up land and groundwater following a spill, including physical, biological and chemical remediation.

Detailed Flood Risk Assessments, including topographical surveys, which look at an areas flood risk now and in the future; essential for any organisation looking to understand and take action against potential flood damage.