Invasive Non-Native Species

Reduce the disruption caused by invasive species

Why do I need Adler and Allan invasive species services?

  • We help landowners and businesses eliminate or reduce the direct costs and disruption caused by invasive plant and animal species
  • Reduce expensive civil claims from neighbours and even possible fines for neglecting the problem or causing the further spread
  • Identify, quantify and manage damaging non-native flora and fauna quickly
  • Access advice on legal obligations for the control and the commercial and wildlife implications of dealing with invasive species

Why Adler and Allan?

  • Our ecologists are all leaders in their fields, with unmatched accreditations, licenses and experience, including specialisms in invasive non-native fish, aquatic invertebrate and plant species
  • Their expertise is matched by pioneering techniques in biological, mechanical and chemical control in all environments and a legal resource that ensures you always meet all regulatory requirements and know about relevant legislation
  • The one-stop-shop means continuity of works, from initial contact through to resolution and ongoing environmental due diligence and habitat management, without the time or expense of appointing and briefing a variety of providers
  • Our services are not simply confined to responding to a problem. They extend to crucial strategic consultancy on how to ensure there is no recurrence. We can do so because of the calibre of our people; our ecologists are backed up scientific, technical and legal experts nationwide and all qualified to degree level or higher in their disciplines

How it helps?

Our end-to-end service covers all stages - from initial survey and identification, to guidance on bio-security and the law and finally removal and future prevention.

Invasive plant and animal species can be hugely destructive to environments in which they do not belong. Non-native flora and fauna may also pose profound threats to buildings, plant and equipment as well as human health if not tackled promptly. Dangerous species include, giant hogweed, a threat to human health; fast growing Japanese knotweed, whose roots damage structures, delay development and cause mortgage refusals; and Himalayan Balsam, which affects native birds, invertebrates and river ecosystems.


Did you know…

Non-native invasive species are estimated to cost the UK economy around £1.7 billion every year and dealing with the problem at an early stage can avoid escalating business costs?


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