Environmental Audits

Understand your risks and remain compliant

Understand your risks and remain compliant

Our environmental audits give you peace of mind to understand the risks on your sites and a strategic plan to remediate.

All site operators (whether in land or harbour side) have to use best available techniques to prevent or minimise the impact of pollution. Pollution is anything present in the environment that is not meant to be there and can range from the obvious, such as oil and chemicals, to the more obscure, such as hot water and milk.

The risk has to be reduced to a point where it can be deemed to be ‘As Low as Reasonably Practicable’ (ALARP).

Pollution prevention guidelines state:

“You should understand your premises and how your activities could affect the environment and cause pollution.”

We offer two types of audits: environmental risk audit to understand the risks on your sites on land, and marine audit to understand the risks in your port or harbour.

Environmental Consultancy Services

  1. Environmental Risk Audit

  2. Marine Audit

  1. Avoid fines by leveraging our environmental expertise

    Our consultants audit against not only the law, but the latest recommended government guidelines which can update several times a year

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