Disaster Planning

Helping your business prepare for the worst

Why do I need Adler and Allan disaster planning?

  • Ensure operational continuity
  • Tailored emergency action plan
  • Identify and assess potential risks within your business
  • Emergency preparedness planning

How it works?

All organisations should know what to do if industrial or natural disasters disrupt their normal operations and threaten their energy and other supplies, not only to ensure the safety of you and your team, but to protect your business interests.

Our disaster planning services can assist both public and private sector organisations with all necessary planning and preparation, including carrying out assessments and writing emergency plans. Our dedicated team works with you to assess potential risks, help write your plan and provide recommendations on what to do if a disaster strikes. We also give practical training, from desktop demonstrations to full-scale, live controlled simulations and bespoke exercises for your team, to ensure emergency preparedness.

We are trained and experienced in responding to a range of business-critical disasters, from oil and chemical spillages, firewater containment, flood relief and critical power shortages. Should a disaster occur, our 24/7 response team can mobilise within two hours (link).

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