Tank Lining

AdlerCoat extends life, protects and prevents pollution

Why you need Adler and Allan Coatings and Linings

  • AdlerCoat protective coatings and linings will extend the life of your fuel tanks and bunding, pipelines, roof linings, oil storage tanks, floor lining and buildings
  • Saving money on unnecessary replacements and preventing pollution spills, they avert expensive downtime, heavy clean-up costs and fines, catastrophic PR, civil claims and even individual criminal charges

Why Adler and Allan?

  • We are the country’s largest, most experienced applicator of polyurea linings and coatings
  • Our fully trained and qualified team provides 24/7 technical support and knows your sector inside out
  • Our experts know the environmental performance your organisation must achieve
  • Compliance includes NACE inspectors, who set the standard for protective coatings and ensure all operators achieve peerless delivery

What are they?

Our eco-friendly polyurea spray linings are used for containment in a wide range of applications, including electrical utilities, power generation, manufacturing, marine, forecourts and water industries. Readily applied to any substrate for complete leak prevention of oils, hydrocarbons, all fuel types, solvents, aggressive chemicals and gases, AdlerCoat withstands expansion, contraction and a wide range of temperatures.

Did you know…

AdlerCoat is 100% waterproof, protecting any building from flood damage – making it invaluable for vital services, such as hospitals and power stations?

Why AdlerCoat is the best

Integrity and durability are second-to-none and 400% elasticity prevents cracking in interfaces due to seasonal movements. In addition, should clients realise that the specified grade was wrong or discover a problem with their substrate, AdlerCoat can be removed up to 36 hours after spraying and a remix applied. Our bespoke, comprehensive site inspection report, which can be turned around in under 24 hours, prevents such problems. 

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