Offering expert planned maintenance

Why planned preventative maintenance?

  • Take steps to ensure your equipment is operating the way it should
  • Avoid reactive maintenance which is more costly
  • Benefit from a planned maintenance schedule
  • Enjoy an improved workplace by ensuring all maintenance is carried out when it should
  • Avoid unexpected equipment failures with cost effective scheduled maintenance
  • OFTEC regulations surrounding oil storage are becoming increasingly stringent

Why Adler and Allan?

  • Our team of experts are OFTEC accredited ensuring oil storage facilities meet current legislation
  • Our team undertake tank inspections to EEMUA 159 Level 2
  • Part of your planned maintenance might span across multiple areas such as interceptors and site gullies, fuel compliance, testing and polishing, emergency spill contingency planning and emergency fuel; all part of our offering
  • Planned maintenance will ensure you avoid equipment downtime

Our planned maintenance also covers

Interceptors and site gullies

Interceptors are often the last line of defence between a controlled oil spill and a major pollution incident, so keeping them in top condition is crucial in the event of an emergency, with fines resulting from one such emergency will exceed decades of regular Planned Preventive Maintenance.

Fuel compliance testing & polishing

Fuels are susceptible to natural deterioration, with the replacement of contaminated fuel more expensive than ever. Most poor fuel conditions can be corrected without major expense, if conditions are diagnosed promptly.

Emergency spill response and spill contingency planning

We are the UK’s leading spill response provider. An emergency spill response contract includes guaranteed time response and mobilisation, 24 hour emergency phone number, regulatory compliance adhered to in all instances of waste disposal and spill training.

Emergency fuel – 24/7

Guaranteed fuel deliveries, 24/7, ensuring your business keeps running in the event of an emergency or problem with usual fuel supply.

  1. Avoid fines by leveraging our environmental expertise

    Our consultants audit against not only the law, but the latest recommended government guidelines which can update several times a year

    Learn about our environmental services

Keep your business compliant, safe and avoid costly downtime

Find out how Adler & Allan can identify and mitigate risk to protect your reputation, your staff and your environment.

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