Specialist Separator Services

Professional Separator Services

  • Efficient installation
  • Regular maintenance
  • Industry experts with over 20 years’ experience
  • Nationwide coverage
  • Reduced risk of incident
  • Avoid costly legal fines

Why Adler and Allan?

  • Range of services - installation and continued maintenance
  • Regular inspections -make sure everything is working as it should. If it’s not, we’ll get it fixed
  • Quality - we don’t compromise on delivering the very best service
  • Expertise - experienced engineers backed up by 500+ professionals
  • Nationwide - With over 20+ depots, no site is out of our reach
  • Long term coverage - 1-5 year service contracts for maintenance

Separator Services

Pollution prevention is a vital part of a sustainable plan to manage a clean and compliant pump station, forecourt or any other site that contains a separator system. If not properly maintained you could face legal fines.

Regular separator maintenance is essential to keeping all pollution prevention equipment working at optimum efficiency safeguarding businesses that handle and store oil or other hazardous materials. Sites such as petrol station forecourts, major car parks and hauliers’ yards all have separators that need regular servicing to prevent pollution to the environment.

Our CCTV camera survey vehicles are used to analyse separator pipes, quickly identifying blockages, surface cracks, fractures, displacements and collapsed systems. Our CCTV inspection and reporting equipment is ATEX approved for safe use on Zone 2 hazardous areas, ideal for forecourt works.

Separators are designed to trap harmful substances before they enter the surrounding area. If filters become blocked, apart from the pollution risk, flooding can also be a problem as water cannot run off-site. As part of the maintenance process we will replace blocked filters.

Regularly cleaning gully’s and separators ensure that discharge water does not pollute the surrounding environment.

Separator maintenance, including separator cleaning, is also essential for legislative reasons. This is important for providing the information needed for service log scrutiny during environmental inspections. The Environment Agency standard, PPG3, European standard and EN858-2 both state that separators should be serviced at least twice a year and in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. We offer one to five-year service contracts for separator maintenance to suit your needs.

Whether you take out a one year or five-year contract with us, you’ll receive the same high standards and professional quality services from our nationwide team on every inspection. 

Separator Alarms

A separator alarm system is crucial for maintaining a separator system. Proper maintenance will reduce waste management costs and help avoid an overflow which would incur further clean-up costs.

We have the national capabilities to specify, supply, install and service oil separator alarm systems to the highest standards. We provide the necessary services to ensure your alarms are working properly. And with regular servicing and monitoring, we aim to help you reduce the risk to your business and the environment around you.

Separator Audit

Our teams are specialists in identifying issues with separators. One of the best ways to ensure everything is working as it should is through a separator audit. An audit on the current condition of your asset produces a detailed report on the status of the separator and what maintenance needs to take place. Once identified, we can provide a range of services to resolve the issue.

Separator Installation

We have a highly experienced team of separator installation experts who can specify, supply, install, clean and maintain standard or bespoke oil separators. This also includes full retention and forecourt separators being held to the most stringent standards.

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