Managing chemicals safely and compliantly

How we can help

Our services help you manage the containment, processing, access and response of complex hazardous materials and chemicals to ensure your operation remains safe and compliant.

  1. Containment

    We cover services which include tanks, secondary containment and coatings and linings.

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  2. Processing and access

    Our services include loading, blending and access.

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  3. Response

    Services in response include chemical advice, advice on scene, chemical response services and contaminated land and monitoring.

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Tank audits and inspections

Regular storage tank inspections are essential to minimise the risk of asset failure, leakages, content contamination, and pollution.

Using the latest high-pressure or ultrasonic technology, our skilled engineers and specialist welders assess your underground, ground level, or above ground systems testing for leaks and structural concerns, repair faulty tanks, and provide full follow-up documentation.  

Our inspection and reporting ensure your chemical and hazardous material tanks are compliant with EEMUA Level 2, API and NDT standards.

Tank cleaning and purging

Specialist tank cleaners employ proven man-entry and non-man-entry techniques – including gamma jetting, 360 cleaning heads, and state-of-the-art robotic systems – to tackle requirements such as changes of stored product, contamination, deterioration, decommissioning, transportation, or standard upkeep.

We’re proud members of the Water Jetting Association, and are accredited in water jetting, ultra-high-pressure jetting, shot blasting, and confined space entry.

Tank repair

Following a complete inspection using leading-edge technology, we repair all varieties of above and below ground tanks and actively reduce the risk of asset failure and environmental incidents, ensuring they withstand the harshest of chemicals.

Secondary containment

Secondary containment or bunds confine hazardous materials in the event of an accidental release or tank breach. According to the COMAH Competent Authority Policy bunds should be sized to hold 110% of the maximum capacity of the largest tank or drum. Our highly skilled operators ensure your bunds are constructed, lined, cleaned, audited, and maintained to protect against environmental damage.

Bund construction

Our bund construction services use quality materials, advanced protective coatings, and reliable glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) linings to offer lasting assurance against pollution incidents.

Whatever the hazardous materials in your tanks, our experienced engineering team make sure you meet all relevant storage regulations and create a containment structure that effectively contain leaks and spills.

Bund audit

According to COMAH Competent Authority Policy bunds shall be subject to periodic inspection and certification by a competent person regarding their condition and performance. A bund audit highlights structural damage, lining system defects, or pollution hazards before a spill event causes environmental harm and possible financial penalties.

Our trained professionals survey and monitor containment structures around any type of tank, alerting you to current or emerging threats, compliance issues, and occupational health and safety risks.

Bund cleaning

Regular cleaning is key to an effective bund maintenance programme, ensuring that your secondary containment system is structurally sound and free of contaminants.

We use powerful vacuums to extract water or leaked tank contents, then jet wash the entire structure to achieve a complete clean, even in the most confined, inaccessible spaces. All breached volatile or toxic liquids – such as acids, inflammables and dangerous chemicals – are safely removed and treated, leaving the bund clear, functional, and risk-free. 

Coatings and linings

AdlerCoat™ coatings deliver fast-drying, eco-friendly alternatives to traditional epoxy products, ideal for bunds, tanks and pipework. AdlerCoat™ protects the environment and your assets against deterioration, degradation, and structural weakness, providing complete leak prevention of hazardous and aggressive chemicals, and gases, and can contain chemical spills for up to five days.

Readily applicable to any substrate with minimum surface preparation, AdlerCoat™ is a 100% waterproof, fusion-bonded epoxy that withstands expansion, contraction, and a wide range of temperatures.

Processing and access


Our recent acquisition Flotech provides engineering products, solutions and services for the storage, transfer and distribution of hazardous industrial liquid and gas products.


We provide tanker loading and access systems from all manufacturers for loading road, rail and marine tankers.

The loading systems we manufacture are flexible in design and offer a wide variety of component options. Each system is engineered to suit the users current and future loading requirements, be that single loading arm or multiple loading arms with vapour recovery and SIL interlocks.

Our site services for loading and access systems include;

  • Design, supply, fabrication and installation and project management
  • Inspection, maintenance, repair and modification
  • Supply and fitting of spare parts
  • Replacement equipment
  • Existing equipment suitability assessment
  • Existing equipment condition reporting
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Project management HAZOP studies
  • DSEAR/ATEX compliance & explosion protection documentation
  • Hazardous area identification

Top loading arms 

Flotech Performance Systems provide top loading arms and equipment for the chemical industry include manhole covers, emergency valves, pressure vents etc. We can also provide information and support on converting from top to bottom loading.


We deliver a variety of systems for a range of blend constituents that are flexible in design and offer a wide variety of component options. Each blender is engineered to suit the users current and future blending requirements, from design to selection of flow meter, control valve and controller. This approach ensures that the system we deliver meets the requirements of the project – not the blending limitations of a specific equipment manufacturer.

Our blending skids provide a prefabricated, skid-based solution which can accommodate 1-6 blend streams orientated in the vertical or horizontal plane.

Our bespoke systems for accurately blending chemicals come in a range of options:

  • Fully transportable
  • Rack blending or side-stream options
  • Single, dual, triple or quad stream options
  • Optional meter proving / pressuring system
  • Integral filtration
  • Temperature and pressure monitoring
  • Customisable for heavy fuel oil or bunkering

Pressurising systems

We specialise in the design and fabrication of pump skids for the pressurisation of blend constituents and Chemicals. Pressurising pump skids ensure delivery of blend constituents at sufficient differential pressure to allow accurate and efficient blending into the main product line. By ensuring a sustained blend pressure, the function of the blending systems is maximised, products are delivered on spec and losses are avoided.

Dual pumping technology

A unique feature of our dual pump skids is our optional proprietary pump-sequencer with optional handheld controller. The sequencer operates the pumps alternately, extending their life and building in redundancy which is vital in the event of a pump failure. The sequencer automatically starts the standby (redundant) pump should the main pump fail to build or maintain pressure.


Our partner SafeRack offers a full range of products and equipment designed specifically to reduce the risks associated with bulk chemical loading and unloading.

SafeRack has been providing safe, reliable platforms, handrails, and gangway solutions to the chemical industry for many years. They design, build and install safe, ergonomic and efficient loading platform gangways, elevating safety cages and top loading arms focused on operator and environmental safety.

Chemical Response

Chemical compliance

Our chemical compliance advisors specialise in chemical transport and supply legislation, including CLP, GHS, and REACH. We ensure you operate in line with international regulatory regimes and legislative changes, with qualified inspections, audits, and a comprehensive annual report including best practice recommendations. 

Get professional guidance on the movement of chemicals and dangerous goods by road, air, sea, and rail, plus full support on the scripting, storage, and translation of REACH-compliant Safety Data Sheets, and substance classification under GHS and CLP.

CLP (classification, labelling and packaging) training

CLP legislation enforces the Global Harmonisation System (GHS) in Europe and requires the correct classification of hazardous substances and mixtures.

If you supply chemicals and need to generate Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and product labels, we train your staff to accurately classify products and ensure you have the necessary information to comply with the latest CLP and GHS regulations.

DGSA (Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor) training

The Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor Directive requires organisations that transport dangerous goods above certain thresholds to appoint one or more qualified DGSAs.

Our five-day course prepares delegates for the DGSA by road examination. Upon qualification, individuals can competently advise on health, safety, and environmental matters connected with transporting dangerous goods by road.

Advice on scene

Call us on 0333 6002424 if you need emergency chemical or hazardous goods advice.

Your call will be answered by a skilled incident advisor, trained to analyse any crisis situation and outline actions to minimise risk to people, the environment, and property. Corrective measures might include intervention from the emergency services or specialist spill clean-up.

Our global 24/7 emergency advice service connects you with an expert in your language and is supported by:

  • Domestic numbers around the world (including China, Australia, and New Zealand) to help meet national laws for chemical product exports
  • 24-hour, native-language ‘reduced submission’ guidance for registering SDS with Poison Centres in EU Member States.

Chemical Spill Response

Whatever your chemical emergency – from a minor battery acid leak to a potentially catastrophic industrial release or dangerous gas breach – our knowledgeable team of chemists, DGSAs, and National Chemical Emergency Centre (NCEC)-trained hazardous materials first responders tackle root cause, containment, decontamination, and clean-up.

Our national network of 25 rapid response centres means you have a fully equipped crew of on-scene specialists mobilised within an hour, ready to assess risks, co-ordinate with emergency services, and remove all hazardous materials. While the team are en-route, skilled incident advisors provide immediate phone support to contain chemical spills and reduce environmental harm.

As an Environment Agency preferred supplier, we have the country’s longest, most successful track record of chemical response. We’re trusted by hundreds of SMEs and larger corporates to deal with all hazardous spill scenarios.

Remediation and monitoring

Contaminated land remediation

Our contaminated land investigation and preliminary and quantitative risk assessments minimise contaminants and liabilities. Knowledgeable environmental consultants identify ecological risks and sources of contamination, then design and implement a cost-effective remediation strategy to bring soil and groundwater quality back to legal levels.

Water quality and environmental monitoring

Environmental monitoring measures and mitigates your business’s effect on your natural surroundings, helping you proactively reduce risk and prevent pollution events. Our dedicated technicians carry out groundwater and surface water monitoring using leading-edge equipment and specially adapted 4WD vehicles.

We offer ‘low flow’ sampling to depths of 150m below ground level, product recovery trials, and aquifer testing services, including slug testing, falling and rising head tests, and aquifer pumping assessments. Our in-house hydrogeologists interpret the results, allowing you to improve practices and raise environmental standards based on robust, accurate data.

Why we're different


  • National Chemical Emergency Centre (NCEC) trained hazardous materials first responders and hazardous materials tactical advisors
  • Several responders also trained to incident site controller level to manage operations in coordination with the emergency services in category one- and two-level hazardous materials incidents
  • An understanding of the United Nation’s Classification of Hazardous Materials
  • Chemical advice line to provide advice in the event of an emergency
  • 24/7 emergency response and support service
  • We can safely deal with any chemical substances and hazardous materials


  • EEMUA 159 accredited experts
  • Confined space entry qualifications
  • Members of the Water Jetting Association
  • Ultra-high-pressure jetting and shot blasting experience
  • Full turnkey solution for cost efficiency and convenience
  • Market-leading range of cleaning options
  • Market-leading equipment
  • We are the country’s largest, most experienced applicator of polyurea linings and coatings AdlerCoat is 100% waterproof, preventing water ingress
  • AdlerCoat has 400% elasticity, preventing cracking in interfaces
  • Our fully trained and qualified team provides 24/7 technical support
  • We know the environmental performance your organisation must achieve
  • We adhere NACE Worldwide Corrosion Authority guidelines, who set the standard for protective coatings


  • We design and build in-house, for end-to end project management
  • In house mechanical design, electrical, fabrication and instrumentation, control and automation, flow testing and civil and structural engineering services for additional control and quality
  • More than 170 years collective experience in the Petrochemical sector, over 200 years in Mechanical Engineering, over 80 years in Electrical Engineering and over 150 years in on-site servicing
  • All our products are sourced from experienced manufacturers

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