Facilities Management

Our wide-ranging services help facilities management companies deliver complete environmental risk reduction and watertight compliance. Crucially, we provide guidance on potential environmental risks and issues, with our highly trained, experienced staff constantly offering informal advice and observations, which can be followed with structured audits and strategies to prevent incidents.

This ‘plan and prevent’ consultancy not only guarantees your clients operate responsibly, but also avoid business disruption and downtime, sky high insurance premiums and the raft of other heavy financial costs and personal liabilities that come with a spill.

Our specialists have the knowledge of relevant industry and legislative rules and regulations that shape the safe running of your site taking the pressure off you in ensuring compliance.

Recent key contracts include a diversity of military installations; all emergency services; a major spill response for a large telecoms provider; and a massive bund lining project across Scotland.

Chemical response teams nationwide provide additional 24/7 emergency cover and all specialists are backed up by a larger stable of 600 technical or engineering experts, with 5,000+ relevant degree level or higher qualifications between them.

This unique resource guarantees consistent, high threshold delivery and insight to every aspect of the only national service for facilities management organisations.


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