Our specialist Utilities service for the energy and water companies and regulators, Ofgem and Ofwat.

A wide range of leading-edge pollution control techniques, monitoring procedures and clean-up measures help prevent spills, quickly and definitively establish their severity for Environment Agency reporting, restore affected ecologies to health and protect crucial equipment.

Of course, the onus is always on averting pollution events, with our highly skilled on-site consultants advising on safeguards that will minimise the risks of contamination. These include ensuring that essential assets, such as substations and back-up fuel tanks are properly maintained and upgraded when necessary, allowing both safe, compliant, ethical operations and efficient, cost-effective running.

Should disaster strike, you can be ready to take vital first steps while awaiting our 24/7 emergency Spill Response [link] with a comprehensive Emergency Plan, prepared by our experts. Each is customised for the individual site, its operating risks and local environment.

The measures are commonly extremely cost-effective, with a minimal outlay potentially saving up to eight figure losses on clean-up costs, fines, lawsuits, increased insurance premiums and reputation management. They also minimise the risks of criminal prosecution of directors and key managers.

We have worked for all utilities companies, directly or indirectly, as well as infrastructure providers, the Environment Agency and Maritime and Coastguard Agency. Long working relationships are common as our consultancy services are highly valued.

Utilities’ skilled workforce is entirely compliant - with the Achilles tender portal confirming all necessary qualifications and accreditations are held - and many team players have decades long on-site service records. The team is part of a larger nationwide stable of some 600 technical, scientific and engineering graduates, who boast thousands of years’ relevant experience combined.

This makes for an unprecedented scale and quality of service.

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