Our Fuel Infrastructure Services

A specialist turnkey fuel infrastructure service

Why do I need Adler and Allan fuel infrastructure service?

  • Reduced risk and operational downtime
  • Engineers are security cleared ex-military personnel and former inspection agency key players
  • Tailored turnkey solution
  • Fully compliant works
  • Extended asset life cycle
  • Highest safety standards
  • Truly cost-effective approach

Why Adler and Allan?

  • VAREC and NICEIC approved, as well as DNV and class 7 CompEx accredited electrical engineers
  • We ensure operational capability 24/7 365 by building and installing safe and compliant fuel infrastructure
  • We work to the highest compliance and technical specifications including Practitioner Guidelines (PG) set by the MoD
  • All work is carried out to PG05/12, DMG14, PG O6/12, PG 04/12 guidelines
  • We provide strategic turnkey solutions, via a full spectrum of over 500+ qualified specialists, meaning more effective project management
  • We future proof your site with our expertise and innovation
  • Hazardous and restricted areas are our specialism. We have a team of VAREC and NICEIC approved, as well as DNV and class 7 CompEx accredited electrical engineers
  • We are API and EEMUA 159 accredited

How does it work?

From concept, design, engineering, project and total programme management, to asset management, integrity services, and eventual decommissioning; we provide customised engineering services either individually, or as a fully integrated programme across the entire project lifecycle.

We design, build, maintain and refurbish fuel infrastructure for private and public sector organisations of every size including the MOD. Only we understand how to design and improve your infrastructure in a way that truly minimises downtime through the works.

We have many years’ experience in tank services from fabrication of bespoke-build steel oil tanks and installation of oil tanks and pipework to Bulk Fuel Installations (BFI’s) and Motor Transport Fuel Installations (MTFI’s). We know tanks so well we are even involved in the design of new tanks to ensure they will be suitable for ongoing maintenance.

We also provide planned preventative maintenance (PPM) to fuel infrastructure. Our PPM services proactively guard against disruption caused by ageing assets and lack of maintenance, protecting your site from operational downtime.

Our fuel services range from maintaining a heating and generator tank to ensuring the smooth running of oil distribution depots right up to large aircraft fuel systems – and everything in between. All pipelines, hydrants, valves, controls and electrics are maintained regularly to ensure your fuel infrastructure remains safe, functional, compliant and sustainable.

Did you know...

The MOD's second biggest cost is fuel

Making it imperative to use and track hundreds of millions of litres efficiently, without loss or contamination?

We support military refuelling stations nationwide

Along with recharging and fuelling points of commercial enterprises in every sector?

We are the largest fuel infrastructure maintenance provider in the UK to the United States Visiting Forces (USVF)

From the dedication and hard work our team of fuel infrastructure specialists have put in, we're the largest supplier to the USVF in the UK.

We work with reducing global warming

We work with rising numbers of clients to tackle global warming by providing an alternative fuels infrastructure?

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