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Asset resilience and protection for the utilities sector

Adler & Allan provides a range of asset resilience services for the utilities sector, protecting crucial equipment from flooding and spills, while extending asset life. Essential utility assets, such as sub-stations and back-up fuel tanks, must be kept in good working order and upgraded where necessary to ensure their value is safeguarded, operations remain constant and efficient, and the environment is protected.

When disaster strikes, such as flooding or a polluting spill, utility assets must prove their resilience by getting back to operations as quickly as possible. To achieve this, Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM) and asset improvement is key. Where these assets can potentially cause pollution, such as fuel storage tanks and oil-based machinery, asset failure can have even more implications.

Utility asset protection

PPM and protective coatings and linings reduce the risks of breakdowns and costly downtime for the utilities sector, keeping equipment running and free from the degrading effects of hazardous substances and the elements. Adler & Allan’s protective coatings and linings are some of the strongest on the market and can be quickly applied to almost any surface. For tanks in particular, we also install linings, which are corrosion resistant and ideal for tank reinforcement and repair.

To protect utilities sites against flooding, Adler & Allan can assess risk, now and up to 60 years in the future and then suggest and implement appropriate measures to mitigate that risk. Our patented modular flood mitigation system, JBAR®, has been specifically designed for sub-stations, stopping water ingress and containing any oil leaks.

We can also help utilities providers plan for disasters to ensure site and environmental damage limitation. In the event of an emergency, Adler & Allan’s specialist teams are on call 24/7, 365 days a year. On call to clean-up spills, flood water and deliver fuel, Adler & Allan’s disaster response service will ensure site and environmental damage is stopped and minimised, so operations can resume as quickly as possible.

Visit our Specialist DNO Asset Resilience microsite for more in depth information.

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