Case study - Bund lining

Waste services

The challenge

The bunds at the site were mostly constructed during the 1970’s with the addition of a new surrounding wall to the largest bund during the 1990’s. Due to the age of the concrete and the gradual surface degradation, it was decided that the bund surfaces should be protected from further wear. We wanted a product which would ensure the bund integrity would be maintained for the long term future whilst allowing some flexibility to accommodate minor seasonal movement. In addition to this the intention was to improve the overall aesthetic of the bund areas and therefore the plant as a whole. Some of the bunds have already had the flooring coated but we weren’t entirely happy with the product due to the lack of flexibility, this led to actively seeking an alternative for the remaining work. We offered a flexible Polyurea coating which would be spray applied and seemed to tick all the boxes. The quotation provided was very competitive and the decision was reached to move forward with them.


Our solution

After speaking with the client and understanding the challenges and requirements on site, we recommended our specialised AdlerCoat™ system as its one of the most durable and flexible coatings available in the industry.


The Adler and Allan difference 

Using our proprietary solution AdlerCoat™ meant we didn't have to undertake traditional civil works which significantly reduced down time on the site.

Our knowledge and experience in secondary containment best practice  means the client's operation will remain compliant with all relevant environmental legislation

By extending the life of the existing asset instead of replacing them we have created a cost saving for the client. 


Before and after

Despite numerous setbacks with the product supply chain and weeks of inclement weather, Adler and Allan have persevered and completed the work to a very high standard, no mean feat given the size of the area involved. They worked alongside the plant team to ensure that the work could be carried out whilst the plant remained fully operational, this has been very much appreciated by both Veolia and our customers alike.