Case study - Environmental Monitoring

Water industry

An operator approached us to provide regular environmental monitoring and evidence to the Environment Agency of their commitment to reducing their environmental impact.

365 days of the year our teams monitor rivers and lakes for diffuse and point source pollution and perform high-level, catchment-wide nutrients investigations. We conduct assessments of water quality, macroinvertebrates, fish population, as well as more specialist surveys like understanding the water vole population.

A full report of the findings is produced against Water Framework Directive EQS. In addition to routine monitoring, we attend pollution incidents where water quality, wildlife or human health may be affected by contaminants. At these incidents we record all the impacts to the environment and the steps taken to mitigate them.

Our regular environmental monitoring means that our client is able to identify and respond quickly to incidents. Our response and investigation often leads them to being downgraded by the Environment Agency from a category three to a category four.

We are a trusted partner to the major water companies, providing vital evidence to the Environment Agency of their environmental responsibility. The expertise we provide is independent, meaning it is looked upon more favourably by the Environment Agency.