Case study - Flood Mitigation

Kirton Substation, Lincolnshire

The Project

The Kirton Substation is a 132kV facility in Lincolnshire that includes a transformer, switch gear and a switch room. A flood risk assessment of the site identified a change in the flood boundaries and the operating DNO needed to increase the flood mitigation measures across the site to take into account the increased flood risk. Adler and Allan were asked to propose a range of flood mitigation measures for the site, taking into account the budget constraints and requirement for maximum asset uptime. Following a site survey based on the risk assessment, Adler and Allan proposed an innovative solution including its patented flood products. Taking this alternative approach offered excellent mitigation, did not require the assets to be switched off during installation and cut the time on site by several weeks, leading to A&A being awarded the contract.

The Solution

As part of a programme of works, Adler and Allan successfully installed a comprehensive suite of mitigation measures to help protect the transformer, switch gear and switch room from possible flooding. Both the transformer and switch gear were bunded using Adler and Allan’s patented JBAR™ modular system. JBAR was installed using only hand tools while the transformer and switch gear were live. The bund walls were built in nonconductive GRP, with external corners and joints. The bunds were then spraylined using Adler and Allan’s Adalline™ 400 polyurea coating. This specialist formula forms an impermeable layer of protection, preventing the ingress and egress of water and chemicals from either side of the bund. Adalline 400 also offers complete hydrocarbon resistance in the event of an oil leak, and is guaranteed for a minimum of 10 years. Due to the varying size of the bunds and to comply with safety distances, GRP stairs and a GRP Cat Ladder System were installed for access. For complete peace of mind, the bunds contained a backup sump, pump and alarm system. The perimeter of the Switch Room building was excavated to expose the top of the foundations the external walls were spray lined up to the specified flood risk height with Adalline 400 to render them waterproof. CSD Rise sealed cables and non-return valves were placed on drains and sink waste pipes, and self-closing airbricks were installed around the building. A backup sum and pump with a control unit was also installed, along with a steel flood security door.

The Outcome

Adler and Allan’s accredited team of specialists successfully delivered the flood mitigation program on time, on budget and with no transformer downtime. The project took just 4 weeks, saving 80% time on traditional methods. Adler and Allan’s team of authorised APs worked closely with the DNO’s SAP to ensure compliance with their working practices and approach, and to minimise the time involvement from the SAP. The substation is now mitigated against flooding, with a 10-year guarantee on the JBAR and Adalline™400 installations. Due to the capabilities of the solution installed by Adler and Allan, the DNO is also assured of guaranteed oil containment and environmental compliance should there be a leak.