Case study - Manway Chamber

MoD Site, Borden

The Project

An MoD site on a garage fourcourt has fuel manway lids that go to four fuel tanks. These tanks are surrounded by concrete.

With time and high water table, the tanks move up and down slightly breaking the seals between the top of the tank and the manway chamber, causing water ingress.

The Solution

Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) walls were fixed to poor quality substrate and sealed with soft joints from the base of the walls to the top of the fuel tank. It was agreed to use the Adalline 400 multi spray system on 4 GRP walls and to spray 100mm on to the tank lid to make a permanent seal which would stop water ingress to the manway lid chamber.

The Outcome

The works were completed in August 2014 and the manway chambers are dry albeit for some condensation on the underside of the manyway lids.

The Adalline 400 multi spray can withstand 11 bar of negative pressure.