Transport and logistics

Managing critical infrastructure and preparing for the energy future

The transport and logistics sector is on the road to a better, cleaner Britain. Fuelled by the government’s transport decarbonisation plan, as the industry is committed to reaching Net-Zero by 2050.

Transport currently represents roughly a quarter of global CO2 emissions from energy, of which 60% is from heavy-duty transport – trucking, shipping, and aviation. While the future of surface transport appears to be electric, decarbonisation of long-distance shipping and aviation will likely require low-emissions liquid fuels from bio or synthetic sources.

At the same time operators are fighting to maintain their hard-won reputation in a competitive market while ensuring capacity for growth and expansion.

As your trusted environmental partner, we can work with you to ensure your critical assets remain compliant through the energy transition and beyond so you can focus on your unique business strategy. 

Our services to the transport and logistics sector across road, rail, air and water

Take a look at our full range of services in our interactive graphic below from audit, maintenance, repair and response across all your critical assets and fuel infrastructure.


Road transport and logistics organisations are currently at a crossroads of deciding whether to move to the erratic HVO market or electric and hydrogen fuelling which requires larger up-front costs. Alternatively, road operators could stick with diesel and take the hit on higher costs.

What all these energy types have in common is a requirement to maintain infrastructure and critical assets compliantly and efficiently to reduce the risk of environmental damage and operational downtime.


As passenger rail continues to occupy largely electrified routes, freight operators, who utilise a mix of electric and diesel, are looking at alternative fuel options such as hydrogen which in certain circumstances can be a relatively simple switch.

Whether diesel or hydrogen the requirement to maintain infrastructure and assets compliantly and efficiently is critical to reduce the risk of environmental damage and operational downtime.

What the law says

A pollution incident as a result of a poorly maintained asset or inadequate containment is a strict liability offence.

The Regulators and Courts view failure to adhere to relevant standards and good practice, particularly in relation to a robust maintenance and inspection schedule, as not enforcing ‘proper systems for avoiding commission of the offence.’

Failure to adhere to standards and good practice guidance is considered an 'aggravating factor' in considering enforcement action and can invalidate insurance.

We can help your organisation to remain compliant, avoid environmental penalties, liabilities, reduce operational downtime and protect your hard-won reputation.

Maintaining your critical assets compliantly can reduce your culpability level from reckless or deliberate to negligent or low / no culpability in the event of an incident.

Primary containment

Regular storage tank inspections and maintenance are essential to minimise the risk of faults, leaks, contents contamination, and pollution. From install to surveys, fuel polishing, uplift and decommissioning, our tank services meticulously clean and maintain assets of any material and capacity, even in confined spaces or inaccessible locations.

Inspections and audits

Using the latest high-pressure or ultrasonic technology, our skilled engineers and specialist welders test for leaks and structural concerns, repair faulty tanks, and provide detailed follow-up documentation.

  • Onsite visits to define requirements and assess underground, ground level, or above ground systems
  • Remote inspection, cleaning and diagnostic services using ultra-sensitive ATEX Zone 1 AdlerViewTM cameras
  • Leading-edge non-destructive testing (NDT) and analysis to identify corrosion, weaknesses, and welding defects
  • Complete follow-up reports and targeted remedial work
  • Compliant with EEMUA Level 2, API and NDT standards

Cleaning and purging

We clean and purge all types of storage tanks, from retail forecourt containers to major refinery and military holding systems.

  • Proven man-entry and non-man-entry techniques, including gamma jetting, 360 cleaning heads, and state-of-the-art robotic systems
  • Suitable for changes of stored product, contamination, deterioration, decommissioning, transportation, or standard upkeep
  • Delivered by engineers accredited in water jetting, ultra-high-pressure jetting, shot blasting, and confined space entry


We monitor and repair all varieties of above and below ground tanks and actively reduce the risk of asset failure and environmental incidents. Our tank lining technology provides a cost-effective alternative to tank replacement extending the life of your assets. Tank lining offers total resistance to:

  • Ethanol-based fuels
  • Bio-diesels
  • Wide range of chemicals

Fuel uplift and transfer

Our nationwide network of tankers, leading-edge equipment, and trained specialists is the UK’s largest, delivering fuel uplifts, transfers, and crossover management when and where you need them. We uplift fuel from storage tanks above or underground, matching every site access and volume requirement with a fleet that runs from vans to articulated tankers.


Whether you’re decommissioning a single tank or full site, we work with you to plan the process from initial environmental audit to final site sign-off.

Our DSEAR-trained engineers prepare tanks and pipework by purging them of gas and liquid, regulating flammable vapours and controlling the risk of leaks, fires, and explosions.

  • CompEx electricians isolate electrical distribution equipment and prepare potentially volatile structures for removal
  • Cutting-edge cleaning techniques remove residual fuel from containers, lines, separators, and dispensers, minimising contamination hazards at every step

With the site clear and compliant, our complex civils teams step in to begin excavation, working

above and below ground to clear earth, pipe networks, tanks and buildings.

Once the physical assets are extracted, targeted remediation work actively minimises contamination. Once compliant the site can be formally signed off ready for onward development.

Secondary containment

A secondary containment (or bund) confines hazardous spills in the event of an accidental release or tank breach. Our highly skilled operators ensure your compliance with Ciria C753. We work across the full range of systems – including fuel, oil, diesel, chemical, and gas – to ensure your bunds are lined, cleaned, audited, and maintained to protect against environmental damage.


Our bund construction services use quality materials, advanced protective coatings, and reliable glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) linings to offer lasting assurance against pollution incidents.

Whether you’re surrounding fuel, oil, diesel, chemicals, or gas tanks, our experienced engineering team make sure you meet all relevant storage regulations including Ciria C753 and create a containment structure that proactively prevents hazardous spills and costly tank replacements.


A bund audit highlights structural damage, lining system defects, or pollution hazards before a spill event causes environmental harm and possible financial penalties.

  • Trained professionals survey and monitor containment structures
  • Services to support any type of tank
  • Identifies current or emerging threats, compliance issues, and occupational H&S risks


Regular cleaning is key to an effective bund maintenance programme, ensuring that your secondary containment system is structurally sound and free of contaminants.

  • Powerful vacuums extract water or leaked tank contents
  • Jet washers achieve a complete clean across the entire structure
  • Suitable for confined, inaccessible spaces


Because many bunds were constructed more than 80 years ago from porous brick or concrete, a high number need regular reinforcement to perform at their best.

  • Exclusive polyurea AdlerCoatTM works in a single application
  • The UK’s most durable and hard-wearing bund lining
  • Resistant to hazardous substances, including fuel and chemicals

Tertiary containment

Adler and Allan is the UK’s top separator servicing and maintenance provider, helping your business remain compliant with regulations as well as safeguarding against pollution, flooding, and fines.

The onus is on operators to demonstrate compliance with regulation, current standards, and good practice to reduce the risk of a pollution incident and any subsequent enforcement action.

BS EN 858-2:2003 and PPG 3* highlight that separators should:

  • Be fitted with an automatic warning device/high level alarm
  • Be serviced and maintained as a minimum on a 6 monthly basis
  • Be subject to a maximum interval of a 5 yearly integrity test
  • Have full service and maintenance records available for inspection


We’re one of the country’s leading separator installation companies, sourcing, specifying, installing, and maintaining standard or bespoke builds – from forecourt and full retention to bypass and washdown systems.


A comprehensive separator audit identifies issues that could lead to blockages, flooding, and environmental contamination.

  • Trained experts assess the current status of your assets
  • A detailed report outlines separator health, key concerns, and recommended maintenance measures
  • An extensive suite of services resolves current weaknesses and heads off future concerns

Planned preventative maintenance

Our one to five-year planned preventative maintenance (PPM) contracts actively prevent contamination risks.

  • Proactive support ensures assets remain efficient and fit for purpose
  • Services include filter replacement, separator and gully cleaning, and silt and sludge removal to minimise blockages
  • CCTV camera surveys identify surface cracks, fractures, displacements, and collapsed systems
  • Keeps operations in line with Environment Agency’s PPG3 and EN858-2 legislation


A robust alarm system is crucial for maintaining your separators, alerting you to overflows, cutting waste management costs, and decreasing the odds of flooding and pollution incidents.

  • Flexible maintenance contracts make sure your alarm stays reliable and responsive
  • Qualified technicians specify, supply, and install oil separator alarm systems to the highest standards
  • Regular servicing and monitoring reduce risks to your business and the environment


Your drainage is a critical asset and line of defence against environmental pollution from flooding to unconsented discharge. Our market leading experts and equipment can inspect, clean and repair your drainage to ensure it runs smoothly and compliantly.  

CCTV surveys

We use portable, flexible push-rod CCTV units or an ATEX Zone 2 nitrogen-purged rated camera inspection system to conduct accurate vehicle-based surveys from up to 50 metres.

  • Ideal for petrol forecourts and other hazardous environments
  • Supplies clear analysis of small-diameter surface and foul drains and large-scale pipeworks
  • Includes detailed paper and video footage reporting
  • Can be followed by a complete cleaning cycle using a JetVac combination tanker

Maintenance, repairs and reporting

Our fixed-price service contracts offer free callouts and unlimited access to a nationwide fleet of equipment, tech, and UK PIA-trained drainage engineers. Expert, round-the-clock support covers jetting, PPG compliance surveys, and all associated civil works. Options include: 

  • JHL recycling tankers and VAC tankers with a high-pressure water jetter featuring powerful vacuum and spray capabilities
  • Regular attendance by drainage engineers to flush debris from your drainage system and separators
  • Remote inspection of culverts, ducts, sewers, or drains up to 80 metres deep
  • Gully surveys, response work, and complex tank cleaning projects

Fuel infrastructure

Our custom one-off support and servicing or 3, 6, or 12-month contracts ensure your sites remain safe, functional, and future-proofed. Our API and EEMUA 159-accredited professionals support your infrastructure’s entire lifecycle – from asset management and integrity services to eventual decommissioning.


Our end-to-end fuel tank installation service provides full site surveys, knowledgeable tank configuration recommendations, and proven pollution prevention measures. We install bespoke and off-the-peg tanks, as well as all associated pumps, gauges, and alarms. Steel tanks also include enclosed bunding and above-liquid-level connections.

Planned preventative maintenance (PPM)

High quality, 24/7/365 predictive and planned preventative maintenance (PPM) solutions measurably cut the risk of declining asset performance.

  • Site assessments by specialist engineers
  • Routine checks and repairs across mechanical and electrical equipment
  • Targeted maintenance of interceptors, site gullies, tanks, and general machinery

Fuel testing, polishing and mobile tank cleaning

Fuel polishing and tank cleaning prevent costly contamination and degradation issues and keep fuel systems at peak performance.

  • Specialist services to sample, test, remove, polish, and reinstate fuels
  • Effectively eliminate water, sludge, and microbes from fuel and containers  
  • Mobile or laboratory-based options
  • Contamination issues solved in a single pass
  • Keeps stored or dormant fuels healthy and viable
  • Quick response and rapid test results


Who we work for

Capabilities you can count on

Adler and Allan combine specialist knowledge with a clear understanding of individual sector challenges, helping you deploy successful, cost-saving decarbonisation strategies. Talk to us about delivering on your green commitments, for today and tomorrow.


  • Over 1,000 engineers nationwide
  • Qualified to work in ATEX and DSEAR environments
  • CompEx electrical engineers with first aid, asbestos and fire awareness, and confined space training
  • EEMUA 159 and API 570 and 653 experts


  • ISO-14001
  • Safe Contractor Certificate
  • No PS 4253
  • Achilles / FPAL Registered
  • VAREC and NICEIC approved

Keep your business compliant, safe and avoid costly downtime

Find out how Adler & Allan can identify and mitigate risk to protect your reputation, your staff and your environment

Find out how Adler & Allan can identify and mitigate risk to protect your reputation, your staff and your environment