Airport environmental compliance

Maintaining critical assets

We know you have experienced fluctuating demand during the pandemic. This can have an impact on your assets. Our services help airport ground support manage environmental challenges on site, ensuring critical assets remain environmentally compliant and safe.

Our services include:

  1. Primary, secondary and tertiary containment

    Audit, inspection, testing, maintenance and installation of tanks, bunds and separators.

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  2. Drainage services

    We're able to undertake CCTV surveys, high-pressure industrial water jetting, check valve installation and servicing.

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  3. Water quality and environmental monitoring

    Our services include effluents, discharge, and environmental permit monitoring, firewater removal and processing.

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  4. Electrical services

    Electrical solutions for specialist, explosive and hazardous environments

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Primary, secondary and tertiary containment

Your primary (tank), secondary (bund) and tertiary (separator) containment systems are your first, second and third line of defence against environmental pollution.

Regular asset maintenance is essential to keep all pollution prevention equipment working at optimum efficiency, safeguarding operations handling and storing oil or other hazardous materials.

A planned preventative maintenance contract means that maintenance tasks are scheduled ahead of time, to take place on a regular basis – even while an asset is still functioning normally.

Primary containment (tank)

Regular storage tank inspections and maintenance are essential to minimise the risk of faults, leaks, contents contamination, and pollution. From install to surveys, fuel polishing, uplift and decommissioning, our tank services meticulously clean and maintain assets of any material and capacity, even in confined spaces or inaccessible locations.

Secondary containment (bund)

A secondary containment (or bund) confines hazardous spills in the event of an accidental release or tank breach. Our highly skilled operators ensure your compliance with Ciria C753. We work across the full range of systems – including fuel, oil, diesel, chemical, and gas – to ensure your bunds are lined, cleaned, audited, and maintained to protect against environmental damage.

Tertiary containment (separator)

Separators can form an integral part of a tertiary containment strategy.  They are designed to trap harmful light liquids before they enter the surrounding area.

Regular separator maintenance is essential to keep all pollution prevention equipment working at optimum efficiency. Separator maintenance, including separator cleaning, also provides the information needed for service log scrutiny during environmental inspections. 

Drainage services

If you haven’t been maintaining your airport drainage as regularly it could become blocked with a build-up of leaves and debris meaning a high level of water could overwhelm your drains.  

Adler and Allan provide a complete drainage solution, from CCTV surveys and essential maintenance to expert repairs and reporting. Prevent fuel leakages and meet strict PPG3 regulations with tailored support to unblock waste pipes and install, clean, and service separators and pumps.

Our fixed-price service contracts offer free callouts and unlimited access to a nationwide fleet of equipment, tech, and UK PIA-trained drainage engineers. Expert, round-the-clock support covers foul drainage jetting, PPG compliance surveys, and all associated civil works. Options include: 

  • JHL recycling tankers and VAC tankers with a high-pressure water jetter featuring powerful vacuum and spray capabilities
  • Regular attendance by drainage engineers to flush debris from your drainage system
  • Remote inspection of culverts, ducts, sewers, or drains up to 80 metres deep
  • Gully surveys, response work, and complex tank cleaning projects

CCTV surveys

We use portable, flexible push-rod CCTV units or an ATEX Zone 2 nitrogen-purged rated camera inspection system to conduct accurate vehicle-based surveys from up to 50 metres. CCTV investigations are ideal for airport drainage, supplying clear analysis of small diameter surface and foul drains and large-scale pipeworks.

To ensure compliance, every survey includes detailed paper and video footage reporting and can be followed by a complete cleaning cycle using a JetVac combination tanker.

High-pressure industrial water jetting

Using industry-leading high-pressure jetting and suction equipment, we deliver deep surface cleans and efficient drain and sewer maintenance for airport runways.

The latest recycling technology cuts water usage and associated costs, while mobile screening units reduce the amount of waste removed from your site.

Check valve installation and servicing

Check valves prevent the backflow of liquids and are vital safeguards against the release of pollutants into the environment. We manage supply, civil operations, and commissioning, then expertly install valves to outfall locations to create a positive seal.

Check valves can be activated by hand or via environmental probes and wireless monitors. The system can also be web-enabled for full control and remote management.

Water quality and environmental monitoring

Environmental monitoring measures and mitigates your airport’s effect on your natural surroundings, helping you proactively reduce risk and prevent pollution events. Our dedicated technicians carry out groundwater and surface water monitoring using leading-edge equipment and specially adapted 4WD vehicles.

We offer ‘low flow’ sampling to depths of 150m below ground level, product recovery trials, and aquifer testing services, including slug testing, falling and rising head tests, and aquifer pumping assessments. Our in-house hydrogeologists interpret the results, allowing you to improve practices and raise environmental standards based on robust, accurate data.

Effluents, discharge, and environmental permit monitoring

There are over 100,000 environmental permits in place for consented discharges to controlled waters in the UK alone. There are environmental implications of discharging surface water containing fuel, chemicals and firewater runoff into the drains.

We can design a purpose-built monitoring programme and conduct sampling and analysis to ensure you stay on the right side of regulations. We also provide insightful results analysis and comprehensive reporting, including step-by-step guidance on rectifying compliance failures and boosting the quality of your effluent.

Firewater removal and processing

Following emergency incidents and fire training exercises your airport will be required to manage huge volumes of firewater.

If firewater gets into surface drains it can have a devastating effect on aquatic life. We have vacuum pumps and tankers to remove firewater and process it, making it safe to be discharged into a foul drain.

If you think firewater may have been released into the surface drains, our experts can survey the local waterways to assess the impact and provide remediation such as hydrogen peroxide dosing to counter oxygen depletion.

Electrical services

We provide expert electrical solutions in specialist commercial, explosive and hazardous environments through routine inspections, remedial, and installation works, as well as full end-to-end EV charging solutions.

New build installation

From design through to installation we can ensure your commercial and hazardous area electrical equipment and EV charging is compliant from the start.

Reactive and maintenance

Throughout your equipment's lifecycle we can maintain it in accordance with current legislation and react to any operational problems to ensure ongoing compliance and reduce downtime.

Inspection and testing

We can run and support your routine inspection and testing programme to ensure compliance and business continuity.

The Adler and Allan Difference

  • We are security cleared to work on civil and military airport sites
  • We know how important your customer data is and we manage it professionally and carefully
  • 150 degree educated environmental consultants including technical Ecologists with nationally recognised ecology accreditations with a combined experience of over 1,000 years
  • Our experts carry out assessments and design solutions to environmental risks on 22,000 sites each year
  • Our knowledge and expertise in water chemistry, aquatic ecology and fisheries science ensures that each operation is conducted safely and that the environment is protected
  • OHSAS 18001 accredited for Health and Safety
  • Employees trained to Environment Agency standards
  • All are UK PIA trained; British Waters engineers; and meet every client’s individual standards
  • Our nationwide tanker and van fleet and leading-edge equipment are second to none
  • We have brand new JHL recycling tankers, with top vacuum and jetting capabilities
  • Our CCTV inspection and reporting equipment is ATEX approved for safe use on Zone 2 hazardous areas

Keep your business compliant, safe and avoid costly downtime

Find out how Adler & Allan can identify and mitigate risk to protect your reputation, your staff and your environment

Find out how Adler & Allan can identify and mitigate risk to protect your reputation, your staff and your environment