Separator maintenance

Adler and Allan is the UK’s top separator servicing and maintenance provider, helping businesses that handle fuel and other hazardous substances – such as petrol station forecourts, major car parks and hauliers’ yards – to safeguard against pollution, flooding, and fines.

Our one to five-year planned preventative maintenance (PPM) contracts cover everything from initial audits to ongoing servicing and inspection, keeping your operations consistently compliant to current standards.

Services include silt and sludge removal to minimise blockages, filter replacement, separator and gully cleaning, and CCTV camera surveys to identify surface cracks, fractures, displacements, and collapsed systems.

To remain compliant with the BS EN 858 2:2203 standard separators should:

  • Be serviced and maintained as a minimum on a 6 monthly basis
  • Be subject to a maximum interval of 5 yearly integrity testing
  • Have up to date, and available on request, cleaning and maintenance records
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Separator alarm

A robust alarm system is crucial for maintaining your separators, alerting you to overflows, cutting waste management costs, and decreasing the odds of flooding and pollution incidents.

Our flexible maintenance contracts make sure your alarm stays reliable and responsive. Qualified technicians specify, supply, and install oil separator alarm systems to the highest standards – and through regular servicing and monitoring, help you reduce risks to your business and the environment.

Ethanol Coalescing Filter

If your estate includes forecourts, you understand the hazards of hydrocarbon polluted water discharging from onsite separators.

The potential release of harmful BTEX compounds into the environment is a considerable risk, impacting human health and placing your business in the firing line for regulatory fines.

Adler and Allan’s award-winning Ethanol Coalescing Filter® attaches to your existing separators and removes over 90 per cent of toxic BTEX emissions. The easy-to implement component can be delivered alongside a complete forecourt solution service package, helping you meet increasingly stringent Environment Agency pollution guidelines.


Adler and Allan’s BoxSep provides all the features of a traditional separator but is tailor-made for restricted space areas.

It’s the ideal solution to curb ground contamination in locations that can’t accommodate a traditional separator installation.

The lightweight, simple-to-install system works as a typical separator and requires no extensive civil engineering. BoxSep detects and prevents hazardous oil pollution by working in conjunction with a Bund Water Control Unit (BWCU) and features an additional baffle to allow for low-level outlet applications. It also aligns seamlessly with our innovative Flood Mitigation System to produce a self contained flood defence and spill containment solution.

Keep your business compliant and protect the environment while reducing the risk of operational downtime

Find out how Adler and Allan reduce your risk and support you on your journey to Net-Zero through the management and maintenance of assets.

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