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Sewer and drain lining repair

Remediate drainage network with no-dig lining technology or excavation.

Through our Group companies Jet Aire and Oneline, we provide domestic and commercial customers with a range of remediation and repair services to help them maintain and improve their drainage systems.

Our Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) liners smooth over damage and joints in pipes, drains or sewers, preventing leaks, floods and environmental damage without the disruption, expense or emissions associated with excavation.

Where excavation is required, our engineering team is highly experienced and can remove and repair/replace damaged drainage infrastructure safely and efficiently, with minimal impact to the surrounding area.

Features and outputs

  • We can line drains and sewers from as little as 70mm all the way up to 1,500mm.
  • Pre and post-surveys ensure the work is carried out accurately and to a high standard.
  • State-of-the-art equipment includes patching vans, UV curing systems, robotic cutters, camera systems, jet vacs, LED curing systems, inversion systems, dragging systems and bagging systems.
  • Trenchless techniques significantly reduce downtime, costs, and inconvenience.

What makes us different?


We have almost 20 years of experience installing liners and work at the forefront of the industry with the very latest technology.


CIPP-lined pipes will add over 50 years of life to your drainage asset.


Lining removes the need for excavation and the associated problems of waste disposal, traffic management and company reputation.

Environmental impact

Less digging means fewer emissions from machinery and equipment.


We are members of UKSTT, British Water and the Pipeline Industries Guild.

Cured in Place Pipe lining (CIPP)

CIPP lining creates a new, smooth pipe inside the existing pipe when the issues with the drain run are too extensive to install patches.

There is no digging involved as the relevant section can be accessed from manholes. There are several different types of liner, each suitable for different situations.

UV lining (large bore)

UV lining is the fastest and most efficient type of lining and because no water is required, there is virtually no risk of environmental pollution.

Blue light lining (small bore)

Blue light lining works in the same way to UV lining but uses a blue LED bulb rather than UV light to cure the liner.

Ambient cure lining

The resin-impregnated liner is installed using a compressor and an inversion drum and is cured by the external temperature.

Hot cure lining

A hot cure liner can be used on any diameter of pipe and go around bends.


Patch repairs are used when there is localised damage such as cracks or root ingress.

Primus Line

Primus Line is designed for use in highly pressurised pipelines carrying water, oil, or gas.

Lateral sealing

Our lateral sealing system seals around defective connections at any angle to prevent infiltration and leaks.


Our excavations team can carry out a range of drain installations and repairs including:

  • Rerouting pipes around building work, to give customers better access for ongoing maintenance.
  • Installation of pumping stations and pressurised mains.
  • Repairing highways drainage such as road gullies, manholes or collapsed sections of drain.
  • Replacing gully grates, manhole covers and other ironwork.

Excavations may be done by hand or mechanically, depending on the location, environment, and other factors. All excavations are carefully planned to avoid any damage to utility lines, with thorough risk assessments in place. 

As well as excavations, we can also carry out full installation of new systems including foul and surface water, clean water supply, sewer connections, manhole construction/repairs, ACO drains, ironwork, pumping stations, interceptors, and sewage treatment plant/septic tank facilities.

No-dig installations

The use of pneumatic moling and directional drilling techniques allow for the installation of pipes or ducting where excavation is not possible or would cause significant disruption.

Septic tanks

We install and replace septic tanks and treatment plants, proposing new systems to remedy past issues.

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