Fuel testing and polishing

Why you need Adler and Allan Fuel Polishing

  • Top quality, energy-efficient mechanical and vehicle performance for less tank corrosion
  • Minimise downtime and commercial disruption
  • Prevent major spills caused by tank breaches
  • Reduce environmental risk and improve safety for staff and public
  • Cost effective by ensuring your fuel is fit for purpose

Why Adler and Allan?

  • We have an incomparable Fuel Polishing track record on sites of all sizes
  • Our experts over the years have gained a world-class reputation from the work we have carried out for our clients
  • We're trusted by the Environment Protection Agency, British Pipeline Agency, insurers and a wide range of organisations that store and use fuels
  • We sample, test, remove, polish and reinstate fuels
  • We also inspect and clean tanks, filtration systems and pipelines, detecting and repairing blockages and leaks – often averting massive environmental damage
  • When it comes to fuel cleaning, we focus on quality - no shortcuts

What is fuel polishing?

Microbial contamination of diesel fuel occurs when water finds its way into a fuel tank as a result of condensation, rainwater penetration or adsorption from the air. Water encourages the growth of biomaterials that can clog filters and create tank sludge, known widely as ‘the diesel bug’. This kind of contamination not only accelerates tank corrosion, it can block lines and filters and significantly reduce fuel performance.

Fuel polishing is a technical cleaning process used to remove or filter microbial contamination from stored fuels. A variety of fuel polishing units remove water, any free water sediment and microbial contamination.

Did you know…

We have a dedicated laboratory for testing and analysis of fuel samples for fast turnaround. Fuels are tested to British Standard methods covering all types of contamination, including microbial activity, water content, appearance and particulates.

Fuel contamination in storage rarely happens if your fuel tank is in tip-top condition and our regular fuel checks and inspections ensures your fuel storage stay healthy.

Dormant fuels (such as for back-up power supplies) are also vulnerable to contamination and to deterioration.

Why our service is the best

Our nationwide network guarantees quick responses, rapid test results and resolution. Our ground-breaking technology and constantly updated fuel polishing systems are worked by specialists in their field, trained and qualified in all relevant disciplines of fuel supply and storage tank cleaning. They routinely work with everything from bio to diesel fuel.

Staying up to date in a rapidly changing fuels landscape, the Fuel Polishing experts know the pressures to which you work. Our dedicated team will put right any contamination in a single pass - whatever the tank size - and show you how to avoid problems in the future.

Keep your business compliant and protect the environment while reducing the risk of operational downtime

Find out how Adler and Allan reduce your risk and support you on your journey to Net-Zero through the management and maintenance of assets.

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