Water and ecology

Understand and manage your ecological risks

Water and ecology

We offer a depth of knowledge and understanding of ecological systems which enables us to collect the right information and then apply that to real management solutions. We help our clients to understand and interpret data and information and provide them with a practical and achievable route to solving their problems.

Our areas of speciality include:

  • Habitat restoration and design
  • Protected species surveys and mitigation
  • Fisheries science and management
  • Aquatic ecology
  • Invasive plant management
  • Ecological surveys and strategic studies
  • Wetland ecology

Ecological survey

Our team is able to offer extensive knowledge and experience in a range of ecological surveys and strategic studies including:

  • Development & planning applications (EcIA)
  • Botanical surveys (NVC) in wetlands, heathland, woodland, grassland, and coastal habitats
  • Site condition assessment for SSSIs
  • Phase 1 and UK Habitat Classification habitat surveys
  • River corridor and habitat surveys
  • Topographic survey and mapping
  • Soils survey
  • Green infrastructure projects
  • Strategic studies research and development
  • BREEAM, Codes for Sustainable Homes and Home Quality Mark Assessments

Fisheries science and management

We offer a range of fisheries management services and advice aimed at assessing populations, improving habitats, angling access and to bring wider benefits for the biodiversity value of a waterbody. We are also skilled in the assessment, management and remediation of water quality issues.

Our technically robust fisheries monitoring programmes are available across the UK and Ireland for a range of freshwater and inter-tidal environments. We apply methods such as electric fishing, netting, tagging, trapping, and hydro-acoustics to create monitoring programmes which are specifically tailored to meet our clients’ objectives.

We are also experienced in dealing with environmental emergencies, such as hydrogen peroxide dosing to remediate and restore affected waterbodies, and can quickly respond to, assess and remediate impacts on fish and the aquatic environment.

Our team have a proven track record in designing and delivering habitat improvement projects in a range of situations, often at high profile, public sites.

Our services include:

  • Fish population assessment
  • Fishery management plans
  • Fish health assessment and mortality investigations
  • Predator management and biomanipulation
  • Design, creation and restoration projects for lakes and rivers
  • Feasibility studies and project management
  • Topographic, bathymetric (depth) and silt surveys
  • Aquatic plant and algae assessment and management
  • Water quality monitoring
  • Aeration solutions

Protected Species Surveys

Our team of licensed protected species ecologists work with a broad spectrum of clients including Government departments, local authorities, developers, architects and individual property owners to conserve rare species and enhance habitats whilst ensuring the efficient delivery of development projects in line with wildlife law by providing the following surveys:

  • Bats
  • Great crested newt
  • Otter
  • Water vole
  • Badger
  • Dormouse
  • Red Squirrels
  • White-clawed crayfish
  • Reptiles and amphibians
  • Birds

Habitat restoration and design

We have an extensive track record in delivering high quality habitat restoration projects in a range of aquatic and terrestrial environments for the benefit of wildlife and people. We provide ecological, topographical, hydrological and soil surveys to inform feasibility, conceptual and detailed designs based on our knowledge of habitats.

Our expertise extends to the following areas:

  • Wetland habitats
  • River restoration
  • Lakes, ponds, canals and other stillwaters
  • Terrestrial habitats

Invasive species

Our end-to-end service covers all stages - from initial survey and identification, to guidance on bio-security and the law and finally removal and future prevention.

Invasive plant and animal species can be hugely destructive to environments in which they do not belong. Non-native flora and fauna may also pose profound threats to buildings, plant and equipment as well as human health if not tackled promptly. Dangerous species include, giant hogweed, a threat to human health; fast growing Japanese knotweed, whose roots damage structures, delay development and cause mortgage refusals; and Himalayan Balsam, which affects native birds, invertebrates and river ecosystems.

Did you know?
Non-native invasive species are estimated to cost the UK economy around £1.7 billion every year and dealing with the problem at an early stage can avoid escalating business costs.


Our rapid response Oxygenation service provides a multi-service package to ensure the oxygen levels in your water are maintained to a safe standard, with minimal disruption to your business and protecting wildlife as best as possible. We offer general water quality monitoring and ecological advice for your water sites, as well as hydrogen peroxide dosing and aeration solutions to increase oxygen concentrations in bodies.

Why do I need water and ecology services?

  • Wildlife and the natural environment are legally protected
  • Understanding the ecological value and legal constraints of a site may facilitate better forwards planning for development planning, incident response or day to day site management
  • Understanding your operational impact on the ecology of a site is a requirement of planning process for land development
  • Insufficient ecological consideration can cause significant planning cost and time delays, and could lead to prosecution
  • To understand the environmental impact of a pollution incident or planned works
  • We help landowners and businesses eliminate or reduce the direct costs and disruption caused by invasive plant and animal species
  • Reduce expensive civil claims from neighbours and even possible fines for neglecting the problem or causing the further spread
  • Identify, quantify and manage damaging non-native flora and fauna quickly
  • Access advice on legal obligations for the control and the commercial and wildlife implications of dealing with invasive species
  • 24/7 rapid response to ‘oxygen crash’ caused by pollution events into bodies of water
  • Hydrogen peroxide dosing or physical aeration to help increase oxygen levels
  • Minimise environmental damage and mortality of wildlife
  • Meet environmental guidance and support aquatic life
  • Demonstrate operational compliance and avoid Environment Agency fines as well as reputational damage

Why Adler and Allan?

  • We have a national team of in-house expert technical Ecologists with nationally recognised ecology accreditations, all qualified to degree level or above in their specialism
  • We are advisors to Natural England and other government bodies on issues affecting nationally and internationally important wetlands
  • We are also experienced in dealing with environmental emergencies, such as oil or sewage spills and oxygen depletion to remediate and restore affected habitats and waterbodies
  • We work on a broad portfolio of projects for clients such as RSPB, The Wildlife Trust, Environment Agency, Local Authorities, Thames Water Utilities Ltd, VINCI and the Broads Authority
  • Our ecologists are all leaders in their fields, with unmatched accreditations, licenses and experience, including specialisms in invasive non-native fish, aquatic invertebrate and plant species
  • Their expertise is matched by pioneering techniques in biological, mechanical and chemical control in all environments and a legal resource that ensures you always meet all regulatory requirements and know about relevant legislation
  • The one-stop-shop means continuity of works, from initial contact through to resolution and ongoing environmental due diligence and habitat management, without the time or expense of appointing and briefing a variety of providers
  • Our services are not simply confined to responding to a problem. They extend to crucial strategic consultancy on how to ensure there is no recurrence. We can do so because of the calibre of our people; our ecologists are backed up scientific, technical and legal experts nationwide and all qualified to degree level or higher in their disciplines
  • We have a number of qualified operatives to administer hydrogen peroxide to watercourses as well as qualified boat operatives
  • We have qualified ecologists to continually monitor oxygen and hydrogen peroxide levels during and after deployment
  • We have a large stock of hydrogen peroxide to dose affected waters and ADR drivers to deliver hydrogen peroxide to site
  • We have the capability to respond to any spill (link) into a watercourse and help you quickly and effectively mitigate against environmental damage with nationwide coverage

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